The #1 Rated Foldable Electric Vehicle

Foldable electric bike

Why Electric Bikes?

Meet V&D Electric Bikes, the world’s most compact foldable electric vehicle. But it’s so much more. It’s the end of parking tickets and sleepy commutes. It’s a magic carpet ride to the grocery store and a shortcut to the bus or train. Built from aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s the ultimate last-mile transportation solution.

Folding electric bike for sale

Designed for You

With a simple motion, our E-Bikes can either fold closed to end a trip or unfold to start a journey. Our folded E-Bike can slide under your desk or quietly stand by the door once you’ve arrived. You can easily carry our E-Bikes up stairs, Shopping, onto the bus, and through crowds.

Electric scooter for adults

Safe and Easy to Ride

Riding our E-Bikes is a skill you’ve always had, like riding a bike but without the learning curve. With its low center of gravity and responsive brakes, you are in full control at all times.

Electric bicycle for sale

Fully Customizable

The V&D electric vehicle is a platform for creative people to let their minds run wild. Customize your E-Bike however you want by adding anything from a basket to your own color scheme or logo to make the V&D E-Bike truly yours.

Electric scooter

Comfortable and Striking Design

With shock-dampening suspension and a supremely comfortable seat, the V&D E-Bike rides like a dream as you traverse everything from the urban jungle to residential sidewalks. The clean design and striking colors combine for a vehicle that announces your presence and complements your style.