Are you a M1 go-biker?

It offers:
• An LED display, for a bright instrument display day or night
• V&D Electric Bike’s Patented Seat for an extra comfortable ride
Bluetooth speaker to enjoy cruising along the road,
accompanied by your favorite music
• A USB charging port to conveniently recharge your phone on-the-go

Plus, you can easily RIDE, FOLD & ROLL your M1 
from place to place,
then quickly store it in a compact, upright position.

That makes the M1 a great Go-Bike for almost anyone, especially:

(Downtown commuters, Mass transit users,
College students, Attorneys, & Law Enforcement)

(Road-trippers & those traveling by car, RV, Camper, plane, train, boat, or cruise ship)

(RV, camper, & boat residents; Residents living
in a downtown apartment or condo)


The M1 is V  D Electric Bikes' OGB...the Original Go-Bike, that is! 

On-the-Go Go-Bikers

Adventure & Hobbyist Go-Bikers

Small Space, Big Life Go-Bikers



What Does the M1 Offer You?

check out the m1 in action!

m1 go-bike!!

international shipping available!

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