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Are you a M4 go-biker?

Do you want a Smooth Ride on All Terrains,
from paved roads, to loose gravel & even rugged back roads?

Do you want the perks of a Hybrid Bike,
offering the ease of cruising on an electric bike
with the option of pedaling like a traditional bike...
but better because of Electric Pedal Assist?

Do you want V&D Electric Bikes' most lightweight
Go-Bike model that's easier to RIDE, FOLD, LIFT & STOW?

Then you may be a M4 Go-Biker!

The M4 is especially suited for:

(Road-trippers and vacationers traveling by car, RV, camper, plane, train, boat,
and cruise ship)

(Rv, camper, and boat residents;
Downtown apartment and condo residents)

(50+ community residents, Retirees and Island residents)


relaxed living Go-Bikers

Adventure & Hobbyist Go-Bikers

Small Space, Big Life Go-Bikers


What Does the M4 Offer You?

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m4 go-bike!!

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V   D elctric bikes offers products and parts warranties.

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