3 Things To Consider When RV’ing With An Electric Bike

RVs and electric bikes perfectly complement each other. The electric bike is the perfect vehicle for when you’re out on the open road exploring and camping since you can take the bike with you anywhere. The electric motor allows you to explore further than you would with a regular bike. Plus, you can easily fold them down for compact storage!

But before you pack up your electric bike for your next RV trip, there are a few things to consider. This way you’re prepared for your trip and won’t have any unexpected surprises!

1. Rules of the campground
Before you pack your electric bike, you’ll first have to know the rules of the campgrounds you’re headed to. Some private campgrounds have their own rules and regulations that you’ll have to follow. Generally, many campgrounds require you to follow their rules of the road and avoid areas that are only permitted for pedestrians. Also, you might have to bring along a helmet, especially if you’re in a state that has a helmet law. Before you head out, check the rules and regulations of the campground so that you know if you can ride your electric bike or not and where riding is permitted.

2. Where to charge your electric bike
You’ll need to charge your electric bike somewhere, so knowing where you can charge it is important. Obviously, if your campgrounds has power available, you’ll be able to charge it in your RV once you’ve hooked up to the local utilities. But if you’re going somewhere more remote that doesn’t have such utilities, then you’ll have to figure out where to charge up. But don’t worry since these kinds of bikes don’t need a lot of power. You can use a small inverter to juice up your bike!

3. How To Carry Your Electric Bike(s)
Another thing you’ll want to consider is how you’ll carry your electric bike. You can easily carry them on the back of your RV with a hitch-mounted rack or you can place them in the bed of your truck if you’re towing your RV (that is if you’ve got room). If you have an electric bike that folds down, you can easily store it anywhere!

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