8 Industries that Would Benefit from Electric Bikes

In recent years, the light electric vehicle (LEV) movement has taken off in full swing. Among the most popular LEVs are electric scooters.

Aside from recreational use, electric scooters and e-bikes are used as daily commuting vehicles and as tools in the workplace.

Given the numerous benefits electric scooters offer, such as avoiding traffic, parking, saving money on gas and maintenance, and being environmentally friendly, it’s no surprise that their popularity is soaring.

As the technology continues to come down in price, it is likely that we’ll see electric bikes find a wider use in the workplace. Their low-cost, lack of emissions, portability, and small size make them ideal transportation options for many industries that operate outside and indoors.

As to what businesses will be the first to adopt electric bikes we can only guess. But there are certainly some obvious candidates for whom electric bikes would prove immensely useful.

In the following list, we’ve compiled a list of eight industries that would benefit from incorporating electric bikes into their workflow.

8 Industries that Should Use Electric Scooters

Door to Door Salesman

Door-to-door salesmen work long days schlepping from one house to another selling various products of all different sorts. They work in rain or shine and often cover miles a day on foot.

The amount of walking required can be exhausting and impractical for older people, people with arthritis, or people suffering from any other physical ailment which causes walking to be painful.

Electric bikes offer these men and women a lightweight and easy to transportation option to keep off their feet.

Most of the electric bikes we offer have a range per charge between 15-30 miles, which is more than enough to cover a salesman’s daily route.

Electric bikes run clean and won’t leave any grease stains on work attire. Plus they are easy to fold and can be tucked off to the side before knocking on a door.

Delivery Workers

Delivery workers from food service to flowers often make deliveries via bicycle, especially in cities.

Riding a bicycle all day, often covering many miles, can be exhausting and physically draining.

By switching from a bicycle to an electric bike, delivery workers will be able to move faster and further than ever before. The employees will benefit from saving energy and won’t become fatigued.

Given the 30-mile range per charge of most electric bikes, businesses will be able to expand the area in which they offer delivery services, boosting profits.

Mail Services

Mail workers are some of the hardest working people out there. Whether it’s 100-degrees or freezing cold, they are on their feet, walking from street to street, delivering letters and packages.

Many mail workers find the grueling nature of their work impractical once they reach a certain age. By adopting electric scooters for transportation, mail workers will not only save their bodies from the damage of hoofing it around all day, but they will complete their job faster.

Most electric bikes have a max speed around 20 mph. Given this quick pace, mail workers will be able to make their deliveries with greater efficiency than on foot.

Dog Walkers

Dog walkers spend their day stomping around the streets with a pooch in tow. While walking is good exercise and enjoyable, too much of a good thing can lead to sore limbs and fatigue.

By transitioning over to an electric bike, dog walkers will be able to move at a faster pace, providing greater exercise to the dog, and save themselves valuable energy.

Policemen / Security

It is not uncommon to see a policeman or security guard patrolling their turf either on foot, bicycle, or Segway.

Segway’s are incredibly expensive, awkward to ride, and clumsy in shape.

Electric bikes, in contrast, move faster, further, and are much more compact. By switching to electric bike, policemen and security guards will be able to move around with more precision and make their rounds with greater speed than ever before.

Plus, they won’t have to look like nerds riding a Segway.

Tour Guides

Just like policeman, today’s vehicle of choice for most tour guides is the Segway.

Segway’s can be difficult to ride and are very bulky in size.

By switching from a Segway to an electric bikes tour guides will be able to move from one destination to another at a faster clip and they will avoid countless missteps and stumbles on their Segway. Electric bikes are much easier to ride and any guests on the tour will experience a shorter learning curve than compared to trying a Segway for the first time.

Warehouse Workers

If you’ve never been inside a storage warehouse, they are gigantic! Typically, warehouse workers will either get around on foot or by golf cart.

Golf carts are extremely expensive and cumbersome in size. By making the jump to electric bikes, warehouse workers will gain a greater sense of mobility and create more space in the warehouse’s aisles, thereby avoiding workplace collisions.

Golf Caddy

Golf caddies spend their working hours strolling from hole to hole on the green, lugging around a heavy bag of golf clubs. While sometimes they are lucky enough to catch a ride in a golf cart, many times they walk.

An electric bike offers a caddy the ability to move from one location to another faster than on foot. Plus, you can rig a small cart to the back and tow the clubs, saving yourself the shoulder strain of draping a set of clubs over your arm all day.

While few of these industries are currently using electric bikes, it is likely we will soon see businesses adopting this new technology. What business do you think will be the next to evolve? Tell us your ideas in the comment section below

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