Our electric bikes, called
zip up to 20 mph & hold a 4-hour charge.

Simply unfold 'em in seconds to ride & fold 'em back up just as quickly for compact stowing. 
Yep, it's that easy! 

We can’t wait to see all the cool things
you’ll do on YOUR Go-Bike!

– The Go-Biker Team

we'VE made the newest way to get
around town Fun and affordable!

Founded in 2016, our promise is to bring you a stylish Go-Bike that fits your lifestyle and is rugged enough to handle the outdoor elements, all while being

Our ergonomically-designed, functional, and compact electric bikes charm explorers and thrill-seeking enthusiasts alike. 

We thrive on enhancing our customers’ experience through providing
our local and global communities with reliable products and impeccable customer service.

What happens when riding enthusiasts experience electric bikes? They discover pure joy in discovering a unique way to commute to work and around town. 

We combine high-quality materials, with fresh innovations designed to add oomph to your travel and leisure.
Fold and take them on your next flight; transport them easily in your RV, boat or car; you can even take them to your class!
Whether alone, on a date, or enjoying free time with friends and family, our exceptional products remind you to live, laugh and love for many, many miles.



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care packages

That's why we're
using $25 from every
Go-Bike sale
to provide aid & supplies
to those most in need within
our communities.

Our mission is not only to help the environment by providing fun & freedom with electric Go-Bikes...
we want to help those less fortunate
in our communities, too!


Check out our Facebook page for postings & pictures of how
Go-Bike purchases like yours
enable us to help others,
especially around the holidays!

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to own one! 

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