Can Electric Bike Replace a Car?

Making a choice between electric bikes versus a car may sound like a big decision, but in this article, we will discuss why it isn’t that difficult. 

Before you decide to outplace your car with an electric bike, consider the commuting efficiency of a car with an electric bike. So, keep reading to find out what can be a suitable option for you. 

Advantages of using electric bikes over cars:

Electric bikes are fun to drive

Electric bikes are fun to drive and it keeps you in touch with your surroundings. 

Whether it is a commute to a local neighborhood, gym, school, workplace, shop, beach, mountain, etc., an electric bike is known to provide a whole new experience and convenience. 

An electric bike will make you feel alive instead of just steering behind a windshield and a plastic dashboard. 

Electric bikes are cheaper to run

Electric bikes are cheaper to run and the maintenance cost is also very low. The owners can save up to $1,500 from the first year of the ownership. This clearly means that within 12 months your electric bike has covered its own cost.

Let’s assume that your workplace is 5 miles away from where you live. This means the average distance is 10 miles/day by car. If we consider the average working days in any year, that will be around 254 days per year and approximately 2540 miles per year. 

The average 10 miles running cost of a mid-size car can cost you around 1-2 dollars. This running cost is much higher compared to the running cost of an electric bike that is around 1-2 cents.

It helps in improving mental & physical health

Electric bike models like Go Bike M4 come with a pedal-assist feature and this enables the rider to get a good workout session. This builds in a bit of regular workout with minimal effort and stress. This means the ruder will face less hassle and get more benefits. 

If you feel tired on the way then you can simply twist the bike throttle and maneuver through the route more quickly. 

Dodge the traffic with ease

One of the convenience factors of an electric bike is that you do not have to worry about the traffic anymore. With an electric bike, you can consider an alternate route to reach your destination.

As electric bikes are compact, you can utilize the space between two vehicles or you can use the pavements too instead of waiting on the road and burning fuel.

Say goodbye to parking hassle

Parking is a big concern when you live in a metro city or you work at a place where parking spaces are not sufficient. You can find the best folding electric bikes and e scooters online and they are easy to carry as they are compact and lightweight. 

You can also carry your bike along with you while entering a cafe, restaurant, shop, etc, and save the parking expenses.

Disadvantages of using electric bikes over cars:

While there are several benefits of using an electric bike, there are multiple challenges that cannot be ignored while commuting on regular basis using an electric bike.

No protection against climate

Whether it’s raining, storm, excessive heat, or winter snowfall, an electric bike can provide you very negligible to nil protection. You can carry a raincoat or a jacket but the convenience will be compromised for sure. 

Commute range is always a matter of concern

The commute range with an electric bike is limited because of the smaller battery size. After that, you would need to recharge your bike and that is a somewhat time taking process. 

On the other side, you have a bigger fuel tank in a car and it can be refilled within a few minutes at a gas station. This clearly indicates that you do not have to worry about how far you will be able to reach with the car.  

Lower speed limit

The average speed of an electric bike is around 20 miles per hour and this can become a huge disadvantage during an emergency. Whether you need to rush to a hospital, police station, workplace, or any other important place, then taking a car would be a better decision instead of taking the slow ride. 


So far, a shorter commute range and lower speed range are the major downsides of using an electric bike over a car. However, state governments are making constant efforts to increase the number of charging stations, and newer bike models are fast charging compatible too. Also, newer bike models are becoming faster with time and the speed limits will not be an issue. This means electric bikes are a great companion for lower-range rides that can help you with all of the benefits listed above. I hope this article helped you to get the answer that you were looking for.

Happy Riding!!!

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