How An Electric Bike Works

Electric bikes are the future! With a vast array of benefits, everyone needs to own an electric bike. Not only do electric bikes preserve the environment, reduce air contamination, promotes a healthier lifestyle and saves you money, but they also are really easy to ride. There are quite a vast array of electric bikes to choose from, so if you’re on the fence about getting one, here’s some information on how the work!

Different Types of Electric Bikes

Although there are many types of electric bikes to choose from, there are primarily two different kinds: those with pedals and without. Some electric bikes are just like traditional bikes but have an electric motor added to it. Users can either opt to let the electric motor do all the work for them to get around or they can opt to pedal, too. Other electric bikes don’t have pedals, which means it’s solely reliant on the electric motor to get around. Both types need to be recharged in order for it to function properly when the electric motor is used.

Go-Bike Electric Bike Models

V&D Electric Bikes offers four different electric bike models – M1 through M4. Each one offers the same benefits, but have different features. The M1 features a 500W motor that provides its power, has a 30-mile range with a top speed of 20mph and weights only 45 pounds. The M2 is the same, but offers an advanced suspension system for those who have a more rugged commute. The M3 features a 350W motor, takes 3 to 5 hours to charge and more! The M4 is the top-of-the-line electric bike from V&D Electric Bikes. It folds like no other bike on the market and is built for both city living and off-road fun at the same time. With the M4 model, you can use the full-electric power to maneuver around the city or op for the minimal-effort cycling with its electric pedal assist.

No matter what sort of electric bike or M model you choose from V&D Electric, you’ll be benefiting from a host of features and will love the riding experience!

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