Stay Active: Electric Go-Biking for Immune Health

Today, immune health is on the top of everyone’s mind from the average cold to widespread viruses. Building a healthy immune system plays a big role in fighting off illness, and regular exercise contributes to that. It can be difficult to find a way to stay active when gyms are closed, but regular exercise is important for a healthy immune system. Using your own electric bike for immune health is an easy, convenient way to take a ride. 

Here are a few ways that electric biking can boost your immune system:

  • Studies have documented that physical exercise in fresh air cna increase the immune system’s performance! Being exposed to different stimuli is extremely effective at helping your system become more resistant to illness. 
  • Staying active helps to keep white blood cell counts high which is an important factor in fighting off potential infectious illness.
  • Exercising outdoors allows the body to absorb more light encouraging vitamin production which boosts the immune system.

Electric biking for immune health can contribute to these factors, and it’s important to stay safe while exercising. Of course, we mean precautions like helmets and riding against traffic; but also proper hygiene should be remembered. 

These are some of our safety recommendations:

  • Stay 6ft away from other people, even when stopped at traffic lights. Follow your local ordinances about mask-wearing, and be sure to cover your face if you cough or sneeze.
  • Minimize contact with public surfaces to avoid contaminating your fingers when possible. You may wish to wear gloves for things like pressing any traffic buttons. Try to not touch your face, and bring hand sanitizer with you. We have a few accessories like a saddle bag or bike basket that are helpful for carrying items.
  • Don’t go too fast or take big chances. Preventing any injuries will not only keep you safe but will avoid adding additional stress to your local healthcare system.

V&D Electric Bikes offer the best variety with top quality and fair prices. Our compact electric bikes, called Go-Bikes, go up to 20 mph & hold a 4-hour charge. Choose the best electric bike for immune health for your needs, and spend time with your new e-bike!

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