Take It Easy on the Environment with These Eco-Travel Tips

If you’re like us, we try to limit travel emissions being sent into our fragile environment through our over-use of damaging fuels. We can’t always eliminate every source of pollution, but we’re of the mind that every little bit helps. If you are one of the eco-consciousness-minded people who want to visit and discover, but still want to leave a light carbon footprint on the earth, there are ways to adventure in a ‘green’ fashion. These are some eco-travel tips for you whether you like to boat, travel in an RV, or take a plane!

Before the Trip

Before you leave home make sure that you have unplugged all unused appliances. You should also set the temperature in your home to a moderate or low setting, so it is not draining energy for an empty house. You can also save paper by having your delivery service stopped while you’re away. Upgrading to smart home devices like Nest help you monitor what’s happening at home just by opening an app, so you can have peace of mind…and turn on the AC before you get back!

Stay at LEED Hotels

The United States Green Building Council has certified the Leadership in Energy, and Environmental Design (LEED) hotels and the Energy Star certified hotels by the EPA as being conscious-minded about energy conservation. When you travel, look for hotels with these certifications and book them in advance! Some options on AirBnB allow you to choose a “Green” stay as well, and working through vacation rental apps also helps support the local economy.

Use Alternative Transportation

While you are staying at a location and discovering the sights, use public transportation or use a bike. An electric bike is a perfect alternative to using a car or renting a scooter to explore sights while traveling. And the best part about our electric folding bike is that you can take it with on trips easily with it’s foldable, light design. Bonus: It works just as well for short commutes (under 30 miles) around your city too!

Reusable Water Bottles

Water is essential wherever you’re traveling! Bring a reusable water bottle along and fill it along the way, or buy one as a little souvenir for yourself once you arrive at your destination. And Pro Tip: Be sure the bottle is empty when traveling through TSA! They are not as impressed with your effort to save the planet if you hold up the line guzzling your water. And lastly, if you have to use a disposable container, make sure you bring it back to recycle properly.

Conserve Water

Many popular travel destinations suffer from water shortages. While you travel, you should change your showering routine by taking less time under the water and reusing your towels instead of requesting clean ones each day.

Travel during Off-Season

The more tourists that arrive at a national park or monument, the more of a negative impact the area will experience. Big crowds cause more garbage to be generated and impact erosion of the land. Try to schedule your travel during the off-season and not only will you enjoy the space more with fewer people; you will cause less of a detrimental  impact.

Eat Local

Many locally-owned restaurants try to use local products that have been grown in the area. When you head out to eat, try to choose places that use local products, and you’ll get fresher, healthier food, as well as all the good feelings from supporting local agriculture. Restaurants that have all of their foods shipped or flown in are creating a significant energy waste. How can you spot a great local place on the road? Besides using Yelp, or talking to your concierge, we recommend wandering off the tourist avenue, and choosing a spot that has their menu written in the native language. Time to break out that high school Spanish!

The next time you plan a boating or RV adventure follow these tips to experience a greener travel experience. Contact V & D Electric Bikes to get one of their safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly bikes to travel with you on your trip. These bikes fold up and are lightweight making them easy to bring with you anywhere. There will no need to take the bus when you have a V & D Electric Bike. Happy travels!

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