Top 5 accessories for electric bike and scooter

Electric bike is well known for its simplicity but you can always add a pinch of customization by adding new accessories. This is the reason we have created a list of our favorite electric bike accessories that can possibly enhance your riding experience and make your ride safer.

  1. Helmet

No accessories list is complete without a safety helmet and just in case you don’t have a helmet yet, you need to get one instantly. As we all know, helmet is all about durability and quality, and this is the reason we recommend high quality helmets only.

  • Cell Phone Holder

Electric bikes are fast and it can go all the way up to 30 MPH. At this speed distraction can become a serious problem. Especially when you receive a phone call, check your message or hold your phone while using the navigation. This makes rider lose his focus and there can be serious consequences because of this mistake. A cell phone holder becomes an essential accessory for such riders and a small investment can eliminate this inconvenience.

  • Go-Bike Bluetooth Speaker

Using headphones or earphones while riding an e-bike on a busy road is a bad practice because your hearing ability is compromised and hearing any overtaking car or bike will become extremely difficult. A wireless and chargeable Bluetooth speaker can easily solve this problem.

  • Custom LED Lights/Add-on

A custom LED light installation is a cost-effective investment that can make a huge difference in terms of increasing the safety of the e-bike rider. This is an essential feature especially when you might not make it home before the sunset. Also, if you install this accessory then you increase the chances of avoiding any unwanted close encounters that can happen because of simply relying on bike reflector stickers.

  • Travel Bag

A travel bag is an essential accessory if you keep your E-bike outdoors or even further provide more protection against water, heat, and cold while it is kept outdoors. A 100% waterproof nylon cover can be an affordable investment because it will ensure to retain the freshness of your E-Bike.

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Thanks for taking the time to review this article and we are sure that this will make a difference in your riding experience as well as your safety.

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