Top 8 Electric Bike Tips For Beginners

What an awesome birthday gift – your very own E-Bike! You never knew this was exactly what you were looking for to make your daily commute more enjoyable, reduce your personal travel expenses and leave a greener footprint – your Go-Bike is a transportation trifecta!

As you imagine yourself cruising down the sidewalk, you realize you don’t really know anything about electric scooters! The thought of being a beginner cruising around on your new toy is both an exhilarating and nerve-wracking thought and you know you need to gather some beginners’ tips for riding these bad boys so you can learn the ropes in a flash. Below we’ve provided a crash course on electric scooters with eight of our most important tips for those who are just getting things rolling on their scooter adventures.

1. Know The Types Of Places With The Best Environments Conducive To Fun, Safe Riding

With the help of your versatile Go-Bike, you can travel to places you’d never dream of traversing in a car! The concept of riding an electric bike as a main form of transportation might seem daunting at first or maybe even a bit impractical. But once you check out our list of 15 Stunning Places to Cruise Around on Your Go-Bike, you’ll realize the possibilities are endless and your mind will soon be spinning with ideal locations to visit on your electric ride. Not only around the United States but close to your home. Isn’t the breeze in your hair and the inexplicable feeling of flying so much better than buckling up and sitting down in a car?

2. Know What Makes Your Scooter Tick So You Can Be Aware If Something Ever Seems Off

Your E-Bike runs off of a super strong, safe and rechargeable lithium ion battery. This battery powers the Brushless or Brushless Hub motor of your E-Bike – depending on your model – which is mounted to its frame. These motors that contain strong magnets are chosen because of their high reliability, efficiency and large power-to-volume ratio. Once the battery is charged and the E-Bike is turned on, its electrical current is transferred to the motor through wires, which makes the wheels turn.

Just like any other electric device and/or vehicle that is used regularly, your E-Bike may need some maintenance from time to time so make sure to take care of your scooter by not riding in hazardous weather conditions, not riding on intensely rocky terrain and store it somewhere out of harm’s way to increase the longevity of your Go-Bike.

3. Be Aware Of Good Safety Practices

20 mph may not seem too fast of a speed to travel in a car, but will feel quite differently on an electric bike where you’re standing and not buckled in. Talk about exhilarating! You can make any trip on your Go-Bike even more enjoyable be practicing necessary and easy safe driving habits like wearing a helmet and obeying traffic laws.

4. Know Your Battery’s Capabilities and When It’s Time To Recharge

As we mentioned earlier, your Go-Bike ride is simply perfect for cruising around cities, towns, college campuses and even parks, as you don’t have to travel too many miles to get from point A to point B. But if you’re planning on road tripping or sightseeing with your scooter or bike, you need to plan ahead to make sure you have charging capabilities at your disposal whenever need be, as you’ll need to charge on average every 20 miles or so, depending on your Go-Bike model.

Before you leave for any trip – no matter how long or short – make sure you’ve packed your charger and have pinpointed a couple places or know of a public charging station along the way where you can take a break and charge your ride – or at least confirm that your final destination is less than 30 miles (or less than your Go-Bike model’s maximum mileage) so you know you won’t have to stop and charge before you arrive.

5. Utilize All Those Special Go-Bike Features

Once you browse through the awesome E-Bike models on the V&D Electric Bike website, it will become instantly clear that these E-Bikes are not the boring old kick scooters you might be used to, and contain a bunch of special riding and functionality features that take this ride to another level. All 4 of the Go-Bike models have a headlight for nighttime cruising, disc brakes for ultimate control on those tight turns, super portable design and an optional anti-shock seat for the sit-down models. And a couple models even have speakers for music while you cruise! Check out the full list of must have features on our page where you can choose the best one for your lifestyle.

6. Know Local Driving Laws and If Any Special Regulations Apply To Your Scooter

Since the electric bike is still fairly new technology in the world of travel, many states have not specified regulations applying only to this mode of transportation. It’s a safe bet to follow bike laws and to stay out of traffic traveling at high speeds.

California has set some more strict guidelines on riding electric bikes, like drivers must have a license or permit to operate, a helmet must be worn and riders must cruise on the right side of the road. Check out more of California’s regulations here, and check your state’s DMV website for any special laws to stay informed.

7. Optimize Your Ride and Be A Savvy Driver

One of the first things you should do before even powering up your E-Bike is to read it’s manual and learn the parts and how you should be operating it for the highest level of efficiency and functionality. Regularly check the tire pressure and take 2 minutes to fill them up to the correct level once in a while, be aware of any systems that notify you of a low battery and take care not to ride your scooter through hard rain, large puddles, etc.

8. Love and Appreciate Your Eco-friendly Electric Scooter and Bike

Your Go-Bike is a green machine, meaning it’s both eco-friendly and better for the planet then driving a car that sucks up gas AND it’s better for your wallet as you can wave goodbye to costly car payments, insurance payments and no longer need to be at the mercy of perpetually changing gas prices. The more of an active role you take in conserving energy while riding your scooter, you’ll be hooked on this futuristic mode of transport.

Keep in mind these helpful tips when riding your scooter you’re the first few times and smart riding will become second nature. Not only will you enjoy every ride, but will also extend the life of your E-Bike, save money from it’s efficient design and have the freedom for a more hands-on travel experience.

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