Electric Bike Videos

Our electric bikes are cost-effective, versatile and easy to use. Want to see the proof? Check out our electric bike videos demonstrating just how easy it is to commute on an electric bike and the ease of storing it away once you’ve finished using it.

Enjoy watching the e-bike videos and if you have any queries please feel free to contact the V&D Electric Bikes team today.


Our ‘Unfold & Go!’ YouTube video invites you to join the V&D Electric Bike Community! Make your commute easier! Just unfold and away you go on your next great adventure! Our bikes are like no other folding electric bikes on the market, they are built for both city living and off-road adventure, and can handle virtually any terrain mother nature throws at you!

The City

Our ‘Exploring the City’ YouTube video demonstrates how great the electric bike is for getting people out and about and loving the outdoors again! The video shows just how easy it is to ride the electric bike and how convenient it is to get around on. The e-bike is also designed to be folded up after use, so it’s easy to store when it’s not in use. If you can ride a bike, then you can ride our V&D Electric Bikes!

Get Around

Our ‘Get Around Campus’ YouTube video shows just how nifty our electric bikes are! The video demonstrates how a college student is able to use an electric bike to get around campus, and how easy it is to fold and store afterwards to save space!

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