Why You Need a Folding Electric Bike

The innovation of the electric bike changed the way people use bicycles in their daily life, but why stop there? An improvement on the already superior ebike, the folding electric bike changed the game again with its compact size and ease of use.

Combining the two latest and greatest developments in bicycles, the folding electric bike provides the convenience that troubles some with regular bicycle use. The bike’s folding mechanism allows the user to quickly convert it into a more portable package when not riding.

This allows for easy transportation into a car or public transport and into work or home. A foldable electric bike can also provide more security from bicycle theft as the user can bring the bike with them instead of chaining it up outside.

Another perk of a foldable electric bike is the storage space saved in its small design! Tuck it away in a closet or under the stairs. This benefit makes a foldable electric bike a popular choice for apartment-dwellers as well also those who love to travel. Foldable electric bikes are the perfect choice to tuck away in an RV or into a car for road trip exploration. 

Watch how easy a V&D foldable electric bike is to use in our videos here! Ready to pick your favorite model and change the way you cycle? Visit our shop to choose the best for you

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