Your Guide To Selecting The Best Electric Bike Company

Over the last few years, the demand for E-bikes has considerably increased in the United States. As a matter of fact, the e-bike market was valued at USD 23.89 billion in the year 2020.

However, the production rate of e-bikes went down due to COVID-19 outbreak followed by a subsequent lockdown where the entire focus was on the social distancing guidelines.

During this period, E-bikes became a great companion for many of us while looking for an answer to stay connected with the outside world while staying active.  

Following the trend, the majority of E-bike manufacturing companies scaled up their production and also started to add up new models to their existing product lineup. Now with so many alternatives available in the market, selecting an ideal E-bike is not an easy option anymore.

In this article, we will try to put together all of the important factors that must be considered during the E-bike selection process so that you can go ahead and select an ideal E-bike for yourself and the brand you should go with.

Does the company offer a Test Ride?

This is the most exciting part of buying an E-bike and taking a test drive is the ultimate answer to all of your queries whether you’re a vacationer, student, downtown commuter, RV’er, boater or just running errands locally.  

While taking a test drive you can get an answer to the most common apprehensions like:

Is the bike comfortable as per my body structure?

·         Does it have the required power to climb hills?

·         How stable the E-bike is at a higher RPM

·         Does it have all the features and accessories I would like to?

Is the company charging and shipping fee on top of the product price?

Heavy goods shipping charges can be an additional overhead that can break the budget of many buyers, especially when they make a purchase online using the eCommerce platform offered by the E-bike company.

So, it is important to check the shipping policy of the company before you make an online order.

Does the company offer easy payment options?

There are many platforms that make the purchase option available with 0% financing. Using a service like this you can simply buy today and pay later and what can be better than this?

For example, financing with a platform like Affirm is easy and simple and it is as low as USD 25/Month.  Affirm allows the buyer to spend more time riding their E-bikes and less time worrying about the payment. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees with the same.

How good is the after-sales support for E bike in florida?

After-sales support is the most crucial part of the E-bike company selection. Especially when you are a first-time buyer. The reputation of an E-bike company majorly depends on this factor and it is always a great feeling when you know that the brand cares about its clients and the customer can always take the required assistance from the support team.

How easy are the spare parts available?

Any E-bike will need a certain level of part replacement after the warranty period and the availability of the spare part will allow you to decide whether the life of your E-bike can be prolonged or not.

What do people say about the brand?

Check for the Google and Facebook reviews before making your first purchase. This will allow you to know how reliable and loyal the E-bike brand to its customers is.

Is there any warranty on the E-bike?

The product must carry a 1-year limited warranty policy where the E-bike brand is bound to take care of your bike in case of a faulty product is delivered.

V&D Electric Bike offers a warranty on all of the E-bikes and E Scooters and the claims settlement process is absolutely hassle-free.

Is the brand concerned about safety?

Standard E-bikes offer almost all of the basic features but there are many safety-related accessories/upgrades that are also very important.

V&D Electric Bikes takes the safety of the riders very seriously and this is the reason they are well known for selling safety feature-packed E-bikes online.

Also, products like Scoot E5 are equipped with an intelligent electronic brake system on the handlebar and disc braking on the rear wheel, and front & rear shock mitigation system which makes the E-bike safer during driving.

Some of the key safety features are as follows:

1.       Front and rear disc brake

2.       Tubeless Tires

3.       Front and back shock mitigation system

No matter whether you are a casual rider or using the e-Bike for your daily commute, V&D Electric Bikes has you covered with our full line of e-bikes and you can have a look at our product lineup here.

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