3 Electric Bike Gifts & Accessories

Give the gift of electric bike power this holiday season! We offer a wide range of electric bikes that anyone can ride into the new year. If your friend or loved one has already gone electric with their cycling, we also have a variety of accessories that can improve their riding.

  1. Available for all models, the V&D Electric Bikes’ unisex helmet is a stylish and safe accessory that is necessary for any biker. The helmet is hardshell to protect the head in the case that the rider falls off their electric bike. The built in shield visor protects the eyes from the elements…no more dry eyes from the wind!
  2. Are they always trying to carry items during their rides? Solve the problem with our sturdy bike basket! This fold-up basket is made of strong metal and durable canvas material that will do wherever you go on your electric bike! Simply hook the bag onto the handlebars with the detachable metal hooks, and add any items that need to come along for the ride. Choose from a variety of colors to fit the style of the electric bike.
  3. For the M1 and M2 models, a great electric bike accessory is our handy, mobile saddle bag! Featuring a water resistant 6.2 inch touch screen, this is perfect to hold any phone while you ride. The spacious interior can hold the most important items for commuting electric bikers.
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