Introducing V&D Electric Scooter Models!

A new addition to our family of electric transportation products, the Scoot E4 and Scoot E3 are electric scooters that can adapt to fit any lifestyle! Read on for a brief overview of each of these products.

Scoot E3

This stylish electric scooter can go anywhere with its two sturdy wheels, fast-charge battery, and lightweight model. With 8.5” tires and rear-disc caliper brakes, you have control over your ride. No more long waits for the electric scooter to charge! An empty battery will be fully charged in just 3 hours so you can get back to exploring. With a durable build, the E3 Scoot weighs a mere 30 lbs and folds up for the easiest storage and transportation possible! The performance is optimal for commuting to school, work, or events on your new electric scooter.

Scoot E4

Gone are the days of frustrating riding experiences! The Scoot E4 was designed with you in mind for peak performance and simple portability. Ride your electric scooter safely with a specially-created tread pattern so the wheels grip the surface, a mechanical brake system for an ultra-smooth ride, and bright LED headlight for nighttime illumination. We spared no upgrade here with an anti-reflective LED display, high-capacity lithium battery, and a dedicated smartphone app for Bluetooth control. 

Now is your chance to be one of the first to join the quickly-growing family of V&D electric scooter lovers. Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“Extremely smooth ride and big plus that I can order spare parts if needed.” -Norborto V.

“This scooter provides a feeling of safety and fun all in one. Would recommend this to a beginner or advanced scooter rider. Can’t wait to explore more on my electric scooter!” -Frank T.

“Love my new scooter. I wanted one that could go some distance without needing a charge right away, one that had some get-up-and-go, and one that didn’t take forever to charge. Very dependable product!” -Patricia D.

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