3 Reasons to Ride a Go-Bike in a Park

Last year, the National Park Service announced a new electric bicycle policy for national parks, expanding recreational opportunities and accessibility. With this new allowance for e-bikes in national parks, there’s even more opportunity to ride in nature! Whether you take advantage of this new change or just roll through your local park, you can reap the benefits!

electric bikes in florida park

Whether you are looking for a stress-free ride or a perfect spot to workout, an electric folding commuter bike can be your ideal companion.
Also, if you are not planning to invest then you can simply rent one from our shop and get a real-time experience.

Get a little vitamin D. Being in the sun can help with your vitamin d levels which can help you make the shift into the springtime. The sunshine has been shown to improve moods, aid in sleep and energy levels, and reduce the risk of disease. Be sure to slather on some sunscreen before enjoying the outdoors.

Work in some easy exercise. An electric bike, like a regular bike, can give you a great workout without over-exerting yourself. The pedal-assist technology will ease the pressure on your muscles and joints but leaves enough for you to adjust how much you want to push. Easy cardiovascular exercise like e-biking is a great way to get the blood flowing outside of the gym.

Enjoy the cost-free recreational fun. Sometimes it can feel like everything costs so much! With an e-bike, simply charge it up and enjoy the no-cost fun. Spend time with friends or family in nature without the expense of a restaurant bill or movie tickets. Even parks with an entry fee are inexpensive and support local and national preservation initiatives! 

With these benefits, you’re probably ready to get riding in a park near you! Find your new e-bike or next favorite accessory in our V&D Electric Bikes shop!

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