A Pedal Assist Electric Bike May Be Right For You

You want the best of both worlds: the health benefits of a bike with an option for an easier ride. Here’s where a pedal assist electric bike comes in handy! Pedal assist is a small electric motor that helps you get the most out of your manual pedaling; it will complement your pedaling instead of replacing it.

A pedal assist electric bike is a perfect hybrid and adjusts the assistance power based on what you need. This allows you to ride faster and further with more enjoyment and ease! With pedal assist, cycling becomes an easier, more fun, and more convenient way to get from place to place. 

The added electric pedal assist motor can benefit many riders alike! People living in a city can use the extra speed in a busy commute, older riders ride easily with the pedalling help, and adventure-lovers will enjoy the added power for off-road riding.

Interested in a pedal assist electric bike? Check out our M4 Go-Bike model! This hybrid bike offers electric pedal assist in a sleek, lightweight body. Get a smooth ride on any terrain whether pavement, gravel, or rugged off-road paths…all with pedal assist to power through any ride! Fold the electric bike up and store it away for access whenever you need a ride. Looking for something else? Shop all V&D models!

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