Use Your Electric Bike this Fall for These 3 Family Activities

Fall is here, and it’s a time of year for family and fun! Make it a point to attend these activities together, and electric bikes make it easy to get you there. Kids love bicycling, and ebikes offer even more benefits for your fall adventuring. Shop for your perfect electric bike from our line of great options.

Ride to a park on electric bikes with your family. Enjoy a leisurely ebike ride in the fresh, fall air before diving into a pile of leaves, making interesting crafts at the picnic tables, or having a community bonfire. Bring a jacket for the chillier ride back and take your time to see the trees changing color with our long battery life on the electric bikes!

Save gas and get exercise with your family by electric biking to a high school football game. With full parking lots and nicer weather, this is a perfect way to attend a game and cheer on your local team. Hop on electric bikes and ride in your team’s colors before skipping the parking spot battle! There’s always room on a bike rack or simply carry in our lightweight models to the bleachers!

Explore trails while camping with your family on electric bikes. Camping is the perfect fall activity! Pack your family’s foldable electric bikes to save space in your car or camper, and simply unfold to find new offroad fun at the campground. Our electric bikes are great for rugged trails and smooth pavement alike!

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