Electric Bikes are Changing Commutes Across the Country

The electric bike is surpassing its novelty status as manufacturers and retailers are pushing the idea across to consumers. Commuting by bike is a far greener way to get around the city or make it to the job and with the electric bike breaking out, this mode of transportation is about to get much easier.

Benefits of the Electric Bike

Biking in hot, humid weather causes you to sweat. It is an exhilarating means of transportation; however, it can also become uncomfortable with uneven terrain and poor weather conditions. Technology has caught up with this new means of commuting and electric bikes are now more luxurious rather than the earlier lumbering models. Travel in style with adequate speeds that can reach up to thirty miles per hour on tires constructed for a more rugged commute.

Electric bikes offer shock suspension system to make your ride smoother and contain a battery with a LED screen to help you monitor performance. Some models in the electric bike line give you rear wheel drive so you have more traction and torque. These bikes can move you through traffic faster than a car as you can maneuver easier and you are getting great exercise at the same time.

Save Money

Electric bikes will require minimal maintenance when compared to an automobile and give you the freedom to travel routes not possible with a vehicle. These bikes one of the most affordable means of transportation as they don’t require monthly bank payments, regular fills of gasoline and all the other expenses involved in operating and licensing an auto.

Health and Appearance

An electric bike still provides you with the option to pedal. Pedaling a bike is comparable to an aerobic workout so you can work on your muscles and weight loss. When you have to use your bike as a means of getting to the job, the electric features will allow you to pedal less and therefore sweat less so you appear at work looking and smelling like fresh air.

Have Fun and Help the Environment

You can use the electric bike as a main form of transportation or for pure pleasure. Research shows when you are biking your body releases endorphins known as your positive thoughts hormones. Biking is an excellent exercise after a stressful day on the job to free your spirit and recharge your brain and body.

The electric bike not only benefits your body, it benefits the environment. This form of transportation is considered ‘green power’ and will help you to make our planet a safer, healthier place to live.

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