3 Reasons College Students Use Electric Bikes

College campuses are seeing a rise in students using electric bikes for transportation. With customizable features, they are able to ride in style and reap these benefits of using an electric bike over traditional methods of travel!

1. Electric bikes make getting to class easy. No more trekking across campus with heavy book bags! College students are turning to electric bikes for simple, quick transportation over less favorable options: driving a car to battle traffic and difficult parking lots or walking in the summer heat and winter cold. Students are able to ride over any uneven pavement, loose gravel, and damp grass with ease!

2. Electric bikes are more cost-effective. With a limited income, college students are always looking for ways to save money. Driving a car to class means paying for gas and purchasing a campus parking pass with a hefty price tag. Since electric bikes require no gas or (often) no parking pass, students can save money every semester by using an electric bike. That extra cash can go towards textbooks or more likely, a fun night out with friends.

3. Electric bikes give a great, full-body workout. Who has time to hit the campus gym between classes and work? College students can fit in low-impact exercise with a model that offers a pedalling option! Bicycling can combat gaining the “Freshman 15,” as well as building muscle and improving mood.

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