3 Electric Bike Safety Tips You Need to Know

Electric bikes offer a fun and easy way to get around town, and many can overlook the basic safety tips. Riders should use the same caution as when riding a regular bicycle to ensure that their enjoyable rides are safe for themselves and others around them.

1. Be seen and watch out. Unfortunately, the same roads you may use to ride your electric bike are also used by many distracted drivers. Make yourself seen while you are riding by wearing brighter colors and reflective clothing to make sure they notice you. When the sun starts to set, consider using blinking lights so you are safe on the dark roadways. You must also stay in the designated cycling area of the road and be aware of drivers near you.

2. Use your arms as turn signaling. Like vehicles have lights to signal their intent to turn or stop, cyclists often use their arms to show other cyclists and motorists where they plan to go. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published the most important signals electric bike users should remember to keep themselves safe.

3. Wear protective gear. We mentioned wearing clothing that helps you stand out, and you should also ensure that those items shield you from the weather and wind while you ride. A sturdy helmet is an important electric bike safety tip because protecting your head and face can prevent many issues associated with head injury. You might want to try glasses to prevent dry eyes and debris or gloves to prevent blistering and windburn if you regularly ride at high speed.

These three electric bike safety tips are the basic rules of the road that will prevent anything from spoiling your ride. To find your perfect electric bike or accessory, check out all of our options here!

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