Gift an electric bike to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day

Cruising around the city with your beloved partner on Valentine’s day can be a very romantic experience. This is why a new electric bike can bring new experiences and a fresh sense of joy and affection between couples.

Roses are red, violets are blue, V&D Electric bikes have every color electric bike for you.

What could be a better gift that could add value to the fitness goals of your partner? Present a gift that expresses more than how much you love and care about your partner. There could be very few options better than an e-bike unless you are planning to spend more than $500-$2000. You can consider our hotselling bike options like Go-Bike M4 and Go-Bike M5 under this budget.

In this article, we are going to discuss how an electric bike or an electric scooter could help you to create unforgettable memories with your partner.

Surprise your loved ones with an unexpected gift.

If you planning to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day with a gift, then an electric bike could be a great choice! You can fold it and wrap it up into a nice gift packing. This compact gift can be e easily carried into the trunk of a car as well. 

If you are dating a male partner then you can consider colors like silver black blue. If you are dating a lady or others, then you could go for more vibrant color options like Magenta pink Orange-red, etc., as per the personality of your partner.  

 Add value to your partner’s fitness goals

If your partner is fitness enthusiastic then they will be amazed to receive a special gift like this. You will be a part of their success when they will accomplish any fitness goals.

Many of our electric e-bikes are pedal-assisted and they can surely help in burning calories with a lightweight exercise. 

Become a part of their morning and evening walk

If your partner is not a big fan of morning or evening walks, then this battery-assisted electric bike can create a spark of excitement for them.

You can buy a pair of Electric bikes and ride together during your morning and evening exercise sessions.

Help your partner to deal with stress

Electric bikes are globally accepted as equipment that helps to reduce stress and improve mental health. If a partner is struggling with any stress-related issues then this gift could help them to start and finish their day with a pleasurable experience. If you could join them during their bike riding session then it could be even better!

Become a part of a better cause

If your partner is an environmental activist then they are surely going to love this gift. Within electric bikes, you will become a part of pollution-reducing initiatives. Also, you will play a huge role in reducing the carbon footprint of the world.

You will also be proud to be a part of a community that is fighting against global warming.

Isn’t it surprising that such a small initiative could make you a part of such great communities? Don’t you think your partner is going to love a precious gift like this?

What are other alternatives? 

There are not many gifts within the budget of $1000-$2000 these days. In this budget, you could possibly gift a small piece of jewelry that will definitely not add any value to your partner’s day-to-day role. This is why this gift becomes such a promising option.

Make your partner’s life easy

Around 75 percent of Americans commute to work every day and they face issues with traffic jams. 

With an electric bike, they can skip the traffic and hop over the payment to take a shorter route to work.  

What if I don’t have $1000 to spend on a gift?

We totally understand that you could be a student or a fresher who is on the way to building his career. Investing $1000 on Valentine’s gift might be a difficult option under such circumstances. If you are early into your career and if you could manage around $500, then you can gift an electric scooter to your partner. An electric scooter is no less exciting than an electric bike and it is on par with the performance. In the starting range you can consider our best sellling e scooter, Scoot E5.

Build life-lasting memories in less than $100. 

Don’t you think your partner is going to love an experience to ride with you across the beach or the bay area, instead of hopping to a local restaurant and having a meal? 

You can spend less than $100, rent a couple of Electric bikes, and Surprise your partner with an unexpected experience.

I hope this article helped you to identify a new way to connect with your partner and become a part of their unforgettable memories.

 Happy riding, lovebirds! 

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