What makes electric bikes so expensive?

You will have to pay at least $1000-$200 for e-bikes and at that price, you could purchase two to three regular bicycles. So, what are the key values that make Electric bikes so expensive? Let’s find out!

E-bikes are equipped with advanced electrical & mechanical components

There are three key components that make e-bikes .expensive, and they are as follows.

Electrical Components

The majority of the e-bikes are equipped with advanced electrical components like an electric start switch, headlights, electrical horn, digital speedometer, Bluetooth speakers, tail lights, LED display, and alarm. A synchronized installation of all of this equipment and components adds up to the cost of the bike. 

Very few of such equipment is not provided along with inexpensive bicycles. 

Motor Efficiency

The pricing of an electric bike primarily depends on the power of the motor. With an increase in the power of the motor, the cost of the bike will gradually go high. 

This is one of the factors for a price variation among the similar featured bikes with different motor sizes. For example,  a 350w motored powered Go Bike M3 costs $200 less compared to a 500w powered Go Bike M5

On the other side, conventional bicycles are pedal-assisted without any convenience feature and they are not very expensive compared to electric bikes. 

Battery Efficiency

Electric bikes are heavy compared to regular bicycles. Also, e-bikes are equipped with powerful motors that require efficient batteries to operate. Average battery pricing is between $300 to $800 and that adds up to the pricing of the e-bike. 

If we just calculate the pricing of the motor and battery, the cost reaches around or exceeds $1000. 

Additional parts that make e-bikes expensive

Use of Aluminum frame and carbon fiber

Many lightweight electric bikes are built on aircraft-grade aluminum frame structures. Some of the e-bikes also use carbon fiber and these parts are not cheap.

Folding mechanism

The demand for portable electric bikes has drastically increased lately because compact bikes are easy to carry and store. Keeping that in mind many manufacturers have started to introduce folding mechanisms.

Theft protection

Compact and portable electric bikes are most likely to get stolen as they can be easily carried in the trunk of a car. It is always a better way to have theft protection installed in an electric bike and that can be another addon to the cost. 

How expensive an electric bike could be? 

V&D Electric bikes offer highly affordable folding electric bike in Florida and the price starts from USD 1100. If you are looking for an advanced and modern electric bike that is feature-loaded then Go Bike M5 could be a great option its discounted cost is around $1700.

Is there any cheaper alternative? 

Many people are looking for an electric vehicle companion for a fresh experience and they don’t use bikes on regular basis. For such people, there are two great options.

Rent an electric bike

At V&D Electric Bikes, you can rent a Go Bike in Orlando, Florida, with affordable hourly rates that start from as low as $45. This can be a great cost-effective alternative to buying options. The renting process is hassle-free and you can complete the formalities by filling up the rental waiver form. 

Buy an electric scooter instead

If you are looking for a cost-effective and smart alternative to commuting, then an e-scooter is also a good option. The electric scooter range starts from as low as $489 and it’s called Scoot E3. 

E Scooters are loaded with many features offered by e-bikes like a folding mechanism, battery, disc brakes, motorized unit, and other electrical components. 

Are electric bikes value for money

More than 75 percent of the American population commute to work every day. This leads to an increase in traffic jams and environmental pollution. 

Electric bikes are compact, cost-effective, and easy to maneuver. With such benefits and advanced convenience and safety features, electric bikes become a strong alternative to conventional commute options. 


Even if electric bikes are expensive, they are most likely to become expensive if you decide to use them for a longer period. Just within a few years, users are able to cover the cost of the bike expense and start to save money with e-bikes, compared to the expenses of using a car. 

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