Can Children Ride Electric Bikes?

Are your kids demanding to buy them the latest electric bike? Don’t worry, this article will talk about the age restrictions, and federal guidelines as well as a process to prepare your younger ones to become responsible electric bike riders.

What is the legal minimum age to ride e-bikes?

Many states prohibit kids from riding Class II and Class III electric bikes (electric bikes with throttle mechanisms and with a 20-25 mph max speed).

In general, most states in the United States have an age restriction that does not allow children to use an electric bike below the age limit of 14-16 years.

Does your child require a driving license?

Well, you do not require any driving license in the majority of the states to ride an electric bike. The guidelines are subject to change, therefore, keep yourself updated with the federal announcements. However, your kids might require to present their documents to clear any underage restrictions.

Your child is old enough for an electric bike?

Your children are above 16 years? Well, congratulations! Now is the right time to gift them an electric bike.

Now you can look for a reliable brand that provides proper consultation before you make your purchase. Safety features, spare part availability as well as servicing convenience must be on your checklist.

What is the best way to coach your child to ride an electric bike?

When your child will switch to an electric go bike from a regular bicycle then their excitement level will be sky-high. However, it is totally a parent’s responsibility to make sure that your young one is trained away from traffic and crowd.  

Make sure your child wears a helmet, knee & elbow pads before they start their training.

You can adjust the seat position as per the height of your child and then instruct them to slowly rev the throttle and get used to the acceleration of the e-bike.

Once they get comfortable with the e-bike, then let them practice under your supervision.  

We all know that electric bikes are fast and they can achieve a maximum speed of 20-25 mph. At this speed, you cannot encourage your child to take their new bike on the main road. Especially when they are still learning to control the e-bike.

Are there any penalties & fines?

Keeping your knowledge updated with the law violation consequence could help you to protect your rights. While looking for minimum age restrictions, also search for information related to fines and penalties.

Following these kinds of guidelines could help the parents to understand the severity of the law, and keep themselves as well as their children away from any unexpected inconveniences.

Are there any safety features?

Modern electric bike manufacturer offers a wide range of safety features like dual disc braking, LED lights, speedometer, tubeless tires, headlights, reflectors, and alloy-based frame unit.

These safety features are very important, especially when you take your two-wheeler on a busy road.

Also, e-bikes are very expensive. This is why many electric bike manufacturers offer an antitheft mechanism that will provide you peace of mind especially when your child is taking the bike outside.


Modern electric bikes are becoming popular and modern-day kids are falling in love with them at first sight. But, with great powers, comes great responsibility, and this is why it is very important for parents to supervise their children carefully until they are convinced of their riding skills.

Also, electric bikes cover a wider range of age demography. So, it can be used by both men and women, from school kids to adults and this makes it a very user-friendly commute solution for your entire family.

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