The gas price hike is boosting e-bike sales in 2022

In this article, we will discuss how to keep your expenses in control as an urban commuter, without losing the luxury of using a personal vehicle.

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Why the gas price is so high in 2022?

The United States, like most other countries, is facing record-breaking inflation by skyrocketing prices of gas. Florida alone sets a new gasoline price record and people are not happy with it.

In addition, the gas price is not likely to come down anytime soon because of the global chaos created by the pandemic and the Ukraine crisis.

What are the alternatives?

This chaos leaves us with the question of whether to keep increasing the expenses by consuming high-priced fuel or move to an alternate commute option.

Well, the choices are very limited but do not worry, we got you!

If you are not a big fan of taking shared public transport and following a tight transportation schedule then a personal electric vehicle can solve your problem.

Electric cars are becoming unaffordable day by day, with an increase in demand and shortage of semiconductors, electric bikes and e-scooters quickly became a popular mode of urban transportation.

There are a few trending options to consider in the personal electric vehicles category:

  • Folding e-bike
  • Folding e-scooter
  • Pedal assisted bike
  • Throttle only bike
  • Fat tire electric bike

Do electric bikes help to control expenses with the increased gas price?

When fuel price goes high, everything becomes expensive.

To deal with this inflation, many people have already shifted to other commute alternatives like electric bikes and electric scooters.

Are electric vehicles all about cost-cutting?

For many of us, e-vehicles are not about frugality. Its demand is gone sky-high because of the thrill and fun factor that people experience with electric bikes.

What kind of electric vehicle should you buy?

V&D electric go bike offers a wide range of electric bikes and e-scooters that are strategically designed keeping the needs of the different commuters in mind.

Budget-friendly or first-time buyers

For casual commuters, an electric scooter like Scoot E3 can be a great first choice. This model is very economical and is loaded with modern comfort and safety features. The discounted price of Scoot E3 is $489 and it is in stock now.

Are you an urban commuter?

The urban commute is all about speed and range in terms of performance.

With advanced electric bike options like Go Bike M3, Go Bike M4, and Go Bike M5, pricing starts from $1,100. With these bikes, riders can bring convenience factors like skipping the traffic and free parking, to their daily commute experience.

Hybrid commute using an electric vehicle

Portable, reliable, and, lightweight electric bikes can help commuters travel to a local subway or bus stop. You can simply park your vehicle and take your next subway or bus. In most cities, the parking fee of an e-bike is much cheaper than a car.

Economical alternatives to conventional cars and motorbikes

Not a big fan of hybrid commute? Buying and maintaining a folding electric bike is a lot more economical, compared to bearing the expense of gas, parking fees, annual car insurance, or other costs associated with car and motorbike ownership.

At last, the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet!

With cases rising in several countries, we are always at a risk of another wave of covid-19 infection. Investing in a personal vehicle could help you to avoid any unexpected situation.

Are electric vehicles sustainable?

The benefits of shifting from a high-maintenance car to electric scooters in Orlando Florida are countless. This is why it is safe to say that electric vehicles are not going to lose popularity even if the gas prices eventually subside later on.

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