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Are you worried that riding an electric bike will not be safe on a rainy day?

Well, here is the good news! Good quality electric bikes are water-resistant, which means you can ride your electric bike in the rain, muddy water puddles, or a splash.

Let’s discuss the top 10 things that must be kept in mind to ensure your safety while taking your bike out in the rain.

1. Protect yourself and your riding gear from rain
Most electric bikes are safe during rain, however, you must protect yourself with a jacket or a light raincoat. You must also protect your riding gear with a water-resistant cover.

2. Take a safe route
Picking a safe route will not only protect you but also your electric bike from any unexpected breakdown.
Instead of looking for a shortcut for an uneven road, you should prefer a safer route even if it is a few miles additional. You must avoid routes that are expected to have plenty of water puddles or deep waterlog. 

3. Make yourself visible
Instead of wearing a dark color raincoat, you can opt for a bright color raincoat that will keep you visible during heavy rainfall and under any other low visibility situation.
You can also install reflectors in your electric bike’s front and rear areas.
The small step can help you to avoid any unexpected encounters. 

4. Use good quality headlights, taillights
Installing high-quality LED headlights can enhance your vision under low visibility situations. On the other side, a bright taillight can make your bike visible to vehicles coming from behind.

5. Carry an Emergency / Medical Kit
To be on the safer side you must carry an emergency kit along with you to keep yourself safe all the time. This emergency tool and equipment are easy to carry and are highly affordable. 

Following is the list of tools you can carry with your emergency kit. 

  • An additional pair of battery
  • Electric bike pump for tires
  • Duct tape
  • Rechargeable Flashlight
  • Electric bike tool kit.

A few first aid equipment you must carry:

  • Cotton and bandages.
  • Antiseptic liquid.
  • Pain killers
  • Eye drops

Good quality finder will protect your bike’s vital equipment like battery and motor.

6. Slow Down
There are plenty of sensible reasons to ride slowly during the rain and the most important factors are lower visibility, weaker road traction, and poor braking control.
At a slower speed, you can also easily avoid any unexpected potholes or mud puddles on the road.
Riding an electric bike at a slower speed could help you to get that few extra seconds to make the right move.

7. Brake Early
The brake bite of an electric bike is not up to the mark under wet weather conditions. This is why it is strongly recommended to apply brake in advance instead of waiting till the last moment during rain.
Braking must be applied immediately to get into a controlled speed range before taking any sharp turn. Braking early mentally prepares you to avoid any unexpected close encounter.  

8. Don’t Lean into Corners
A wet surface creates weak traction between the road and your bike tires. This is why leaning electric bikes on a wet/slippery road could be a disaster. If you lose your balance on a sharp turn while leaning on your bike then you can suffer severe injuries too.

9. Install fenders
If you install a fender then you can protect your body and taillight from catching mud. This is a very important accessory if you like off-riding or the road conditions are not that great.

10. Clean Your E-Bike frequently
Electric bikes tend to get dirty in the rainy season just like any other vehicle. In order to increase the longevity of your electric bike and its components, you can wipe it or even wash it regularly.

Yes, you heard it right! You can wash your electric bike without any worry. In fact, cleaning your bike quite often can keep its performance intact.
You can read the bike usage guidelines in the owner manual to be 100% sure.

Riding an electric bike in rain sounds really exciting. However, you must check the weather report before leaving home. If the rain is heavy, prefer to stay at home unless there is an emergency.
Always prefer to take familiar routes during rain and never ever mishandle your bike. Don’t forget it’s an e-bike, not a dirt bike.
The most important advice from our side will be to always wear your protective gear with your scoot ebike, including a helmet.

Happy riding!

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