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Electric bikes are becoming more popular by the day. With the increasing popularity, some myths prevent people from buying their first bike.

In this article, we dispel some common myths surrounding electric bikes.

E-bikes are only suitable for older people and seniors.
Riding an electric bike requires less effort than riding a regular bike. This creates the myth that it is only suitable for the elderly. However, the popularity of electric bikes has gradually increased among the youth in recent years.

Thanks to the numerous customization options, e-bikes are now a style statement for young people and are promoted by many young influencers on social media.

There are numerous videos on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram in which young people show off their high-quality and colorful electric bikes.

Electric bikes make you inactive and incompetent.
Electric bikes are very convenient, that’s a fact.

That creates a misconception that it will make you lethargic. However, many fitness-focused electric bikes are pedal-assisted, and that brings you the option to convert your electric bike into a calorie-burning machine.

E-bikes are overpriced and expensive

Electric bikes are expensive compared to regular bicycles. Still, in reality, e-bikes help you to save money and cut down the gas and fuel expenses and the annual saving is considerable.

The fact that makes electric bikes expensive are the parts like the battery unit, headlight, tail light, disc brakes, advanced fame and suspension, and motor.

With an increased demand for E-bikes across the globe, the competition between the competitors is increased. This resulted in a highly affordable range of electric bikes.

You need a driving license to drive an electric bike

An electric bike works just like a normal motorbike where having a two-wheeler driving license is mandatory. This is why there is a myth that you need to have a license to ride an e-bike.

Nevertheless, in reality, any 16+ individual can take an electric bike outside without having any license.

E-bikes are unsafe for riders

The most common misconception about v bikes in Florida is they are not safe to ride.

In reality, electric bikes are very safe, thanks to the advanced braking systems, suspension, headlights, and taillights.

E-bikes do not last longer

An electric bike requires a battery and like any other battery-operated machine, its performance is expected to go down over a period. However, those days are gone now. Most branded electric bikes have their dedicated service centers and spare parts are easily available.

In addition, modern-day electric bikes are equipped with high-end motor and battery unit that lasts for years with minimal maintenance.

Maintenance of electric bikes is very expensive

Just like any other bike, electric bikes also require maintenance. However, maintaining an electric bike is very economical. You can keep your e-bike updated by simply cleaning it on a timely basis.

E-bikes are too heavy for beginners

Electric bikes are heavier than regular bikes because they are equipped with a powerful motor and a big battery, aircraft-grade aluminum frames, and lightweight batteries make them extremely lightweight.

E-bikes make too much noise

Many battery-powered vehicles produce a strange kind of buzzing sound. But modern-day motors produce a very low noise that is negligible for the riders and the people nearby. It is much more silent compared to a motorbike and a car.

E-bikes run out of power quickly

A comparatively smaller battery unit backs up electric bikes to keep them lightweight. But later models are backed up by high-end batteries that make them last longer. You can cover a huge distance with a single charge. Charging an electric bike is also very convenient, thanks to the quick charge technology. 


Electric bikes have gradually advanced and progressed over the period. The motor of the electric bike is small but most modern electric bikes are easily able to achieve the maximum speed limit issued by the state government.

It adds value to your fitness goal and for youth, it is a new style statement.

Now you know that electric bikes are for everyone, it’s time to get your first electric bike!

If you are looking for electric bikes in Orlando then contact us today!

Happy riding!

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