How to Go Adventure Touring with Electric Bikes

Do you enjoy spending time outside? Do you crave to explore easily? Adventure touring with electric bikes could be a great fit for you. Many people think of city travel with e-bikes, but they can take you on more adventures than just commuting or running errands.

You might be wondering what we mean by adventure touring with electric bikes. Adventure touring means that your ride includes both pavement and trails off-road. In some cases, adventure touring can even stray from the trails. Basically, adventure touring is going wherever you would like to explore. 

While many do use a regular bike or off-road vehicle, setting off with an electric bike offers a great option with both control and range. Take in the sights of your adventure while knowing you can turn to the electric motor to give you a boost if you need it.

Here’s a few tips to have a fun and safe adventure tour on an e-bike:

  • Start off easy. If you choose to head off the paved roads or trails, be cautious about your speed and riding on your e-bike until you feel comfortable navigating off-road. You may want to primarily pedal when off-road to stay under control. Try to brake early and anticipate oncoming obstacles since you may have less traction on dirt.
  • Choose a high-quality electric bike. If you are going to be in the wilderness, you will likely be away from charging stations so look for a bike that you can count on. Our bike models offer long-lasting, reliable batteries for your peace of mind with adventure touring with electric bikes.
  • Plan to bring the essentials. Since whatever you bring will be packed on your bike or person, having an easy storage solution is essential for this e-biking. We have great options like a Bike Basket or Mobile Saddle Bag that make it simple to bring along everything you need like water, your phone, sunscreen, and more.

Now that you’ve been introduced to adventuring touring with electric bikes, we hope that you give it a try! Explore our full lineup of electric bikes and find the right one for your needs. Whether you stick to riding around your town or heading out for off-road exploration, you will love riding with reliability and comfort.

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