How to Make Money with an Electric Bike in the year 2021?

With many finance experts (and us!) talking about getting rid of your car in exchange for an electric bike to save money, this can be a good financial strategy. But you might depend on your car for your money-making side hustle. With that in mind, we want to show you a few ways to make money with an electric bike. With more cities adding new bike lanes, why not take advantage of these creative outlets to rack up a few more dollars in your account?

Deliver food and groceries. Uber Eats or Postmates are expansive delivery services in almost every city, and they’re always looking for more delivery associates even on bikes – especially in bigger urban cities. One big perk for using your electric bike to make money with these companies is that you will have fewer expenses than with driving a car. The required exercise on your part is simply a bonus for your health!

Get paid to e-bike to work. You might already be doing this, but are you getting paid to commute by bike? While it’s your company’s discretion, they can give you up to an additional $20 per month to use your e-bike to get to your work. This reimbursement for “reasonable expenses” comes under a law called the Bicycle Commuter Act which allows companies to offer this benefit to employees. You can learn more about it here and then, mention it to your HR department to make money with an electric bike.

Give tours of your city via biking. If you know your city inside and out, why not use your bike to show tourists around? You can start your own business or partner with companies like Shiroube or Tours by Locals with a wider reach. Keep your focus on an easily bikeable neighborhood or area with lots of cool landmarks. They don’t need to be famous tourist places; add in some personal favorite spots for a unique flair. How much you’ll earn varies by company, but many bike tour guides report making money with their electric bike (around $150 a day.)

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