Tips to Extend the Life of Your Electric Bike Battery

The last thing you would want on a relaxing weekend bike ride or a hectic commute to work in the city is to run out of juice in your electric bike’s battery. In our technology-centric world, a dead battery is a common but frustrating issue.

There are a few ways to help the battery conserve energy so you can have a more fulfilling ride. We have a few tips for charging correctly that can help your battery last as long as possible.

The Initial Charge

The first time you charge your electric bike, completely fill its battery by charging for up to 12 consecutive hours. This will ensure that the electrical current flows into all the battery’s cells and sets the battery up for a long life.

Regular Charging

After the initial charge, it is recommended to let the battery go until it is around 30 to 60 percent before charging again. You can also allow the electric bike’s battery reach 0 percent occasionally to ensure it keeps the memory of its capacity.

Avoid Overcharging

It is is easy to plug and forget, but it can be hurtful to the longevity of your battery. Leaving the electric bike battery to charge for a few days can cause it to begin to discharge power. Over time, it “learns” a new, lower charging capacity due to poor charging cycles.

Following these simple charging tips can help your ebike battery hold a long life. Our versatile models feature high-quality, durable batteries to provide approximately 30 miles of riding easy!

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