Why Electric Bikes are Perfect for City Commute

Living in a bigger city has its perks: lively culture, bustling entertainment, and top quality businesses. It also has its downfalls; one of which can be commuting to work or school, especially in cities that lack adequate public transportation.

Enter the electric bike. City dwellers are one of the optimal users of this innovation in cycling because they can avoid traffic jams and the endless search for parking! A car is not always the fastest way from Point A to Point B; the electric bike for city commuting can shave time off a morning drive.

Electric bikes for city commuting not only offers a faster and easier way to travel, they also can save money since they do not require gasoline. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average American uses about 656 gallons of gasoline per year. If gas is a mere $2.00 per gallon, the average person spends over $1,300 on gas per year! Saving on the cost of gas (and the fees for public parking) can add up.

People who use electric bikes for city commuting may also lead a healthier lifestyle for themselves and the environment. An electric bike with a pedalling option can provide light exercise during a commute, and the eco-friendly design can reduce the amount of carbon emissions.

With many cities improving their bike lanes and updating rules about cycling etiquette, people are quickly turning to electric bikes for city commuting. As electric bike popularity rises, consider finding your perfect model now!

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