Why Electric Bikes are Perfect for Kids

In an age when many parents find their children with a smartphone in their hands or a television show glaring in their eyes, you might find yourself looking for ways to lure them outside for fresh air and easy exercise. Enter electric bikes!

Kids will like the ability to customize their ride and race their friends with a little advantage from the electric assistance. Our durable ebikes will hold up to the natural wear-and-tear of kids, and the seat adjusts to fit their growing bodies. With its compact design, the electric bike will even work for families who live in a smaller space!

Not only will they have hours of fun exploring the neighborhood, they can take it along on camping trips to adventure on the local trails, take a ride to the ice cream shop for a treat, or pop by a friend’s house without you worrying about loading up the car. Families can spend time together on their electric bikes by riding to the farmer’s market, to a concert at a local park, or to a hot-spot eatery that never has parking.

You might be wondering if an ebike would be right for your child. We recommend the ebike riders be at least 14 years old, but the minimum rider age is at a parent’s or legal guardian’s discretion. Children under the age of 14 are not recommended to ride without adult supervision. There’s options for you to choose the best model for your family member!

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