Electric Bike Summer Date Night? Yes!

The summer weather is hot, and the roads are crowded with cars rushing to their next event. Take the scenic route with these three ideas for a date night with your ebikes!

Ebike to a Romantic Picnic

Grab a front-hanging bike basket and pack in a few snacks with a cozy blanket. Head out with your loved one to a nearby park on your electric bikes, and enjoy chatting as you make your way to a perfect spot. Stop beneath a tree or at the shore of pond and take in the fresh air. 

The sunset, the warm summer breeze, and your loved one by your side makes for a perfect way to end the evening!

Make Art with Your Ebike Route

There are many free bike route tracking apps, and it could be fun to design a route to create a fun (maybe a heart?) Play some tunes on an electric bike Bluetooth speaker, and spend time with your best friend. You can even share the picture you made with friends on social media to show off your electric bike love! 

A New Take on Dinner

Instead of driving to a restaurant and having a whole meal there, try hopping from place-to-place without fighting traffic. Grab an appetizer at a quirky spot, bike over to a tasty hole-in-the wall for a nice entree, and finish off at an ice cream parlor. With the easy, electric assist on your ebikes, it helps you power through to your next stop even with a full stomach in the warm air!

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