4 Popular Electric Bike Accessories

Everyone loves to customize their cars…why not customize your electric bike too? We carry a variety of accessories that can take your cruise to the next level without impacting the performance of your bike. Read on to see the most popular picks!

An ebike accessory for everyone. The first time you rode a bike, your mom might have strapped you into a helmet and knee pads to protect you. Maybe the knee pads are a bit too much, but she was right about the helmet! Our comfortable, stylish hard shell helmet offers great protection and is equipped with a shield visor.

An ebike accessory for someone who always has their phone. Our Mobile Saddle Bag makes it easy to stash away the most important things for your ride like keys, sunscreen and wallet. Our design features a 6.2 inch touch screen compatible compartment to store your phone or music device while you go. Easily thread headphones through the slot to enjoy tunes while you ride knowing your belongings are secure!

An ebike accessory for the person who love customization. Light up night time rides on your V&D Electric Bike with LED light add-ons for the M1 model and the M2 model! These vibrant lights give your ebike an exciting and head-turning effect while also giving you more visibility for your ride.

An ebike accessory for someone who needs more storage. A bike basket is a classic way to safely carry items during your ride. Our detachable, fold-up basket is made of metal and customized colored canvas for durability and attaches securely to the handlebars. It offers plenty of room to store a daily grocery run or a handbag without being bulky.

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