Important Electric Bike Maintenance Tips

To keep your electric bike in good condition, it is important to perform basic ebike maintenance. If you are a new ebike owner, you may not be sure what maintenance your ebike needs so we have gathered a few important electric bike maintenance tips to help you ensure top performance.

1. Battery Maintenance: The battery is obviously an big part of the appeal of ebikes, but many people can accidently damage their battery’s life cycle by incorrectly charging. Using good charging practices is easy electric bike maintenance that will help you get the most out of your ride. Read our previous blog for tips on how to properly charge your ebike to extend its life!

2. Tire Maintenance: It is recommended to keep your tires fully inflated to ensure your electric bike runs well. A poorly inflated tire can require more electric (or human) energy to maintain the speed you want during your ride. Be sure to check for the proper PSI and take care to not over or under inflate tires. More ebike maintenance of the tires includes checking that the treads are in good shape; worn treads can reduce your  traction and could lead to punctures if you ride over a sharp object.

3. Brake Maintenance: Obviously, your brakes are a vitally important component to your electric bike because they give you control to slow down and to come to a stop. Keeping this in mind, you must have regular maintenance to keep them performing in top condition. V&D Electric Bikes use disc brakes to keep you safe; compare all models here.

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