4 Summer Activities that are Perfect for an Electric Bike

You might be wondering where the first part of the year went…we are wondering what fun this summer has in store! The warmer weather and the carefree atmosphere is the perfect recipe for enjoyable times with friends and family, and our electric bikes eliminate some of the stress and discomfort that summer can bring.

Here’s a few activities you can plan to enjoy when summer officially starts in June!

1. Summertime brings sunshine and delicious produce! Walking to-and-from in the heat can be unpleasant, but hop on your electric bike to enjoy a breeze while you make your way to visit your local farmers’ market. Score homemade treats or fresh fruits and vegetables before taking a leisurely ride back home.

2. Nothing feels more like summer than heading to a park with a blanket and an easy lunch. Picnics are a favorite activity, and no one wants to lug the heavy bag of food and drinks. On an electric bike, your friends and family can take in the sights of summer without struggling with the picnic accessories.

3. Music festivals and summertime go together like peanut butter and jelly! With a big festival on the horizon, a city can be flooded with excited people; and more people mean difficult transportation. With an electric bike, you can easily bypass the hectic traffic and swerving taxis. Be sure to look up the local bike laws and stay in designated bike lanes.

4. Can you smell the smores? RV camping is a quintessential warm weather activity, and bringing along your ebike can provide even more enjoyment! Its portable design makes it easy to pack, and the electric motor allows for more exploring. Check the campground rules before heading out on an adventure.

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