Should I buy an electric Go-Bike in 2021?

You might have seen a motorized bike and wondered, “But really, are electric Go bikes worth it?” 

The short answer is yes!

In our daily lives, we want convenience and lots of features in one package. Electric go bikes offer ease of use, environmental benefits, and streamlined money saving! These innovative bikes are great for many different lifestyles, but they do require more upfront cost so many people are hesitant. In this blog, we’ll cover how our line of e-bikes can change your ride.

Before we get into the pros of why an electric bike is worth the investment, let’s explain a little about how they work.

How Electric Bikes Work

An electric bike can look much like a traditional bicycle but with an additional electric motor that provides assistance with pedalling. The purpose of this addition is not to eliminate the human-powered operation, but to add power for an easier use — making it perfect for lower impact and less strain. Other models are electric-only so you can easily prop up your feet for smooth, effortless riding.

Our bikes are powered by a durable lithium battery which makes them capable of riding for about 30 miles on a single charge. We published some quick tips on taking care of the battery of an electric bike. How fast can you go? Well, our electric bikes can travel up to 18-20 mph. Just twist the throttle & the adventure begins.

Electric Bikes are Easy to Use

Now that you have an understanding of the operation, let’s cover why the ease of electric biking is worth your time.

We mentioned that the electric components can make pedalling easier or eliminate it altogether. This electric bike feature allows the rider to better manage obstacles like hills or winds and to maintain a ride for longer. This is a great way to get around — whether you’re looking to use it for commuting, exercise, or running errands.

Instead of navigating through traffic and fighting for a parking spot, you can easily lock up to a bike rack or carry it with you if you choose a foldable electric bike. No more jam-packed areas or long travel times! This makes travelling in cities a breeze, but it’s also worth it to use an electric bike while visiting a campground.

Environmentally-Friendly Electric Bikes

We all know that cars contribute to pollution in our cities, and many people look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the biggest upsides to electric biking is that they are virtually zero-emission vehicles. Using electric energy helps reduce the smog that can pollute your hometown.

The batteries of an electric bike are also more eco-friendly as they are often lithium ion without the harmful lead contents of some car batteries. Lastly, e-bikes cause less strain on roadways than typical cars. This helps to maintain the expensive highways and streets that need heavy machinery to be repaired.

Here are a few other tips for being more environmentally friendly in your travels!

Saving Money with Electric Bikes

You may have doubts about this point when you first compare the pricing of a typical bike versus an electric bike. We maintain that electric bikes are worth the upfront investment since they will save you money in multiple ways in the long run!

Firstly, you will save on the cost of gas, oil, and regular maintenance of a car in addition to the fees for parking at home, work, school, and more. Electric bikes require less maintenance and are more energy-efficient. 

Additionally, you can easily ride your e-bike instead of using ride-share like Uber or Lyft when running into town or going to a crowded concert venue.

Read more about saving money with electric biking!

Let’s Not Forget the Safety Part

When you are on the road then a helmet is not enough. The modern electric bike must-have safety features like daytime DRLs, Digital Instrument Cluster, Front & Rear disc brakes, Head and Tail Lamps, and most importantly, the anti-theft features should also be there. Especially when you use your Go Bike as a primary source of short route commute.

Conclusion: Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the answer is yes! The market for this transportation is rapidly growing because customers like you are realizing the electric bikes are worth it!
All that’s left to do is to pick the one that best fits your needs. We are sure one of our models will be a great choice for you. Visit our shop to browse or shoot us a message for more assistance with choosing your new electric bike!

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