RVs and Electric Bikes: Why They’re the Perfect Combo

Whether you are an avid RV camper or live a full-time motorhome lifestyle, the best addition to your RV is an electric bike. You might be wondering why you’d need a bigger, more expensive e-bike over the regular bicycle you bought years ago…simply put, an electric bike will offer more convenience and more flexibility to an RV lifestyle.

An electric bike is essentially a bicycle with an additional electric motor and oftentimes, more features not offered by a regular bike. Let’s look at a few reasons why you need an electric bike for your RV.

Electric bikes offer more distance for exploring

In an RV, there’s some places you simply can’t go; and hiking everywhere can be tiresome. A regular bike can offer some solution, but using an electric bike on an RV trip can lead to better adventures. 

The electric motor of an e-bike gives the rider a boost that makes it easier to ride for longer periods of time which increases the range while riding. This allows you to explore greater distances and cover more miles from the campsite on various routes. With a normal bike, most people will be very tired after 5-10 miles of riding. With an electric bike, you have a range of 25 miles or more!

Looking to achieve a bit of exercise while exploring? Electric bikes also provide a variety of health benefits!

Difficult routes are easier with an electric bike 

The electric bike also helps when exploring on hilly paths, making it easier to reach the top with less effort. Effortlessly climb hills and carry more weight with an electric bike to and from an RV for a perfect adventure. Some e-bikes are made to operate at peak performance on pavements or offroad on backwoods trails! Read more about going uphill on an electric bike.

With these benefits, using an electric bike with your RV is going to make more robust exploration possible for just about any user! In the culture, it is often expected that you will want to explore off the beaten path and take the scenic views that are often best experienced on a bicycle. With a regular bike, many paths like this were only accessible to users in peak performance conditions; but an electric bike makes it easier for the average RVer!

Electric bikes are more convenient for RV life

Even if you aren’t interested in going off the beaten path, an electric bike can provide more convenience for errands while living in an RV. 

Travelling further distances with more weight means it will be simple to visit a grocery store or a local farmer’s market! Load up a stylish bike basket with your goods and easily make it back to your RV with a quicker trip time. Ride to a trailhead for a fun on-path adventure or visit neighboring RVers on an electric bike with ease. Head into town for a quick trip to the bank or anywhere else you may need to go, and head back to the RV campsite without feeling drained.

Another perk is the compact design of an electric bike that fits with an RV lifestyle seamlessly. 

Either a small size or an innovative foldable design, storage is made easy no matter how little space you have. Forget about complicated bike locks and storage rentals at the campgrounds…bring your electric bike inside the RV! V&D Electric Bikes also arrive customized and fully-assembled so you are ready to go right away! 

Electric bikes are great for RV emergencies

It’s also great to have another transportation option in an RV with an electric bike in case of emergencies. If something happens to your vehicle, you will have peace of mind that you can go from A to B without racking up lots of expensive Uber charges. If you need to quickly get somewhere without time to load up the RV, hopping on an e-bike offers a time-saving solution that may come in handy in a sticky situation.

Curious about how using an electric bike on an RV trip works? Read a few tips on what you need to consider before purchasing an electric bike for an RV.

Have a better RV experience with an electric bike

Now that we’ve covered a few of the reasons why electric bikes and RVs pair so well, it’s time for you to decide if this combo is right for you. Explore all V&D Electric Bike models and accessories to find the best fit for your lifestyle and RV needs! We are also here to answer any questions you may have about our available models or our various rental and financing options.

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