4 Summer Activities that are Perfect for an Electric Bike

You might be wondering where the first part of the year went…we are wondering what fun this summer has in store! The warmer weather and the carefree atmosphere is the perfect recipe for enjoyable times with friends and family, and our electric bikes eliminate some of the stress and discomfort that summer can bring.

Here’s a few activities you can plan to enjoy when summer officially starts in June!

1. Summertime brings sunshine and delicious produce! Walking to-and-from in the heat can be unpleasant, but hop on your electric bike to enjoy a breeze while you make your way to visit your local farmers’ market. Score homemade treats or fresh fruits and vegetables before taking a leisurely ride back home.

2. Nothing feels more like summer than heading to a park with a blanket and an easy lunch. Picnics are a favorite activity, and no one wants to lug the heavy bag of food and drinks. On an electric bike, your friends and family can take in the sights of summer without struggling with the picnic accessories.

3. Music festivals and summertime go together like peanut butter and jelly! With a big festival on the horizon, a city can be flooded with excited people; and more people mean difficult transportation. With an electric bike, you can easily bypass the hectic traffic and swerving taxis. Be sure to look up the local bike laws and stay in designated bike lanes.

4. Can you smell the smores? RV camping is a quintessential warm weather activity, and bringing along your ebike can provide even more enjoyment! Its portable design makes it easy to pack, and the electric motor allows for more exploring. Check the campground rules before heading out on an adventure.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Electric Bike Battery

The last thing you would want on a relaxing weekend bike ride or a hectic commute to work in the city is to run out of juice in your electric bike’s battery. In our technology-centric world, a dead battery is a common but frustrating issue.

There are a few ways to help the battery conserve energy so you can have a more fulfilling ride. We have a few tips for charging correctly that can help your battery last as long as possible.

The Initial Charge

The first time you charge your electric bike, completely fill its battery by charging for up to 12 consecutive hours. This will ensure that the electrical current flows into all the battery’s cells and sets the battery up for a long life.

Regular Charging

After the initial charge, it is recommended to let the battery go until it is around 30 to 60 percent before charging again. You can also allow the electric bike’s battery reach 0 percent occasionally to ensure it keeps the memory of its capacity.

Avoid Overcharging

It is is easy to plug and forget, but it can be hurtful to the longevity of your battery. Leaving the electric bike battery to charge for a few days can cause it to begin to discharge power. Over time, it “learns” a new, lower charging capacity due to poor charging cycles.

Following these simple charging tips can help your ebike battery hold a long life. Our versatile models feature high-quality, durable batteries to provide approximately 30 miles of riding easy!

Why Electric Bikes are Perfect for City Commute

Living in a bigger city has its perks: lively culture, bustling entertainment, and top quality businesses. It also has its downfalls; one of which can be commuting to work or school, especially in cities that lack adequate public transportation.

Enter the electric bike. City dwellers are one of the optimal users of this innovation in cycling because they can avoid traffic jams and the endless search for parking! A car is not always the fastest way from Point A to Point B; the electric bike for city commuting can shave time off a morning drive.

Electric bikes for city commuting not only offers a faster and easier way to travel, they also can save money since they do not require gasoline. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average American uses about 656 gallons of gasoline per year. If gas is a mere $2.00 per gallon, the average person spends over $1,300 on gas per year! Saving on the cost of gas (and the fees for public parking) can add up.

People who use electric bikes for city commuting may also lead a healthier lifestyle for themselves and the environment. An electric bike with a pedalling option can provide light exercise during a commute, and the eco-friendly design can reduce the amount of carbon emissions.

With many cities improving their bike lanes and updating rules about cycling etiquette, people are quickly turning to electric bikes for city commuting. As electric bike popularity rises, consider finding your perfect model now!

What are the Best Health Benefits of Electric Bikes?

We all try to be healthy, but many find it difficult to motivate themselves to exercise regularly. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that adults get a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise per week but find that almost 80% of Americans do not meet that modest goal.

One of the top tips health experts and personal trainers give is to find an enjoyable activity that can fill that need for aerobic (or cardio) exercise. For an increasing amount of people, the health benefits of an electric bike is the answer.

People tend to ride an electric bike longer than a normal bike because of its versatility and “fun-factor.” This is great news because the exercise achieved on an electric bike is exactly what is recommended by the CDC for moderate aerobic exercise. The health benefits of moderate exercise like electric cycling include disease prevention, lower body fat, and improved strength.

Aerobic exercise can prevent everyday illnesses by activating your immune system; it also reduces the risk of many conditions including  heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some types of cancer. With an electric bike, a person can burn up to 500 calories per hour! The pedalling motion not only burns calories, but the act of balancing and steering can help to build muscle and promote healthy bones and joints. The slightly heavier weight of electric bikes also aids in improving balance.

As you can see, electric bikes offer an easy and enjoyable alternative to traditional exercise while retaining the great health benefits! Browse our models here and take control of your health with an electric bike!

3 Electric Bike Safety Tips You Need to Know

Electric bikes offer a fun and easy way to get around town, and many can overlook the basic safety tips. Riders should use the same caution as when riding a regular bicycle to ensure that their enjoyable rides are safe for themselves and others around them.

1. Be seen and watch out. Unfortunately, the same roads you may use to ride your electric bike are also used by many distracted drivers. Make yourself seen while you are riding by wearing brighter colors and reflective clothing to make sure they notice you. When the sun starts to set, consider using blinking lights so you are safe on the dark roadways. You must also stay in the designated cycling area of the road and be aware of drivers near you.

2. Use your arms as turn signaling. Like vehicles have lights to signal their intent to turn or stop, cyclists often use their arms to show other cyclists and motorists where they plan to go. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published the most important signals electric bike users should remember to keep themselves safe.

3. Wear protective gear. We mentioned wearing clothing that helps you stand out, and you should also ensure that those items shield you from the weather and wind while you ride. A sturdy helmet is an important electric bike safety tip because protecting your head and face can prevent many issues associated with head injury. You might want to try glasses to prevent dry eyes and debris or gloves to prevent blistering and windburn if you regularly ride at high speed.

These three electric bike safety tips are the basic rules of the road that will prevent anything from spoiling your ride. To find your perfect electric bike or accessory, check out all of our options here!

3 Reasons College Students Use Electric Bikes

College campuses are seeing a rise in students using electric bikes for transportation. With customizable features, they are able to ride in style and reap these benefits of using an electric bike over traditional methods of travel!

1. Electric bikes make getting to class easy. No more trekking across campus with heavy book bags! College students are turning to electric bikes for simple, quick transportation over less favorable options: driving a car to battle traffic and difficult parking lots or walking in the summer heat and winter cold. Students are able to ride over any uneven pavement, loose gravel, and damp grass with ease!

2. Electric bikes are more cost-effective. With a limited income, college students are always looking for ways to save money. Driving a car to class means paying for gas and purchasing a campus parking pass with a hefty price tag. Since electric bikes require no gas or (often) no parking pass, students can save money every semester by using an electric bike. That extra cash can go towards textbooks or more likely, a fun night out with friends.

3. Electric bikes give a great, full-body workout. Who has time to hit the campus gym between classes and work? College students can fit in low-impact exercise with a model that offers a pedalling option! Bicycling can combat gaining the “Freshman 15,” as well as building muscle and improving mood.

Ready to pick your perfect electric bike for college? We recommend our Go-Bike M1 which features a lightweight, foldable design with an advanced shock suspension system and many color options.

Electric Bikes are Changing Commutes Across the Country

The electric bike is surpassing its novelty status as manufacturers and retailers are pushing the idea across to consumers. Commuting by bike is a far greener way to get around the city or make it to the job and with the electric bike breaking out, this mode of transportation is about to get much easier.

Benefits of the Electric Bike

Biking in hot, humid weather causes you to sweat. It is an exhilarating means of transportation; however, it can also become uncomfortable with uneven terrain and poor weather conditions. Technology has caught up with this new means of commuting and electric bikes are now more luxurious rather than the earlier lumbering models. Travel in style with adequate speeds that can reach up to thirty miles per hour on tires constructed for a more rugged commute.

Electric bikes offer shock suspension system to make your ride smoother and contain a battery with a LED screen to help you monitor performance. Some models in the electric bike line give you rear wheel drive so you have more traction and torque. These bikes can move you through traffic faster than a car as you can maneuver easier and you are getting great exercise at the same time.

Save Money

Electric bikes will require minimal maintenance when compared to an automobile and give you the freedom to travel routes not possible with a vehicle. These bikes one of the most affordable means of transportation as they don’t require monthly bank payments, regular fills of gasoline and all the other expenses involved in operating and licensing an auto.

Health and Appearance

An electric bike still provides you with the option to pedal. Pedaling a bike is comparable to an aerobic workout so you can work on your muscles and weight loss. When you have to use your bike as a means of getting to the job, the electric features will allow you to pedal less and therefore sweat less so you appear at work looking and smelling like fresh air.

Have Fun and Help the Environment

You can use the electric bike as a main form of transportation or for pure pleasure. Research shows when you are biking your body releases endorphins known as your positive thoughts hormones. Biking is an excellent exercise after a stressful day on the job to free your spirit and recharge your brain and body.

The electric bike not only benefits your body, it benefits the environment. This form of transportation is considered ‘green power’ and will help you to make our planet a safer, healthier place to live.


WHAT’S THE SHINIEST, most exciting new technology for transportation? Well, there are plenty of candidates! We’ve got the self-­driving car and drones big enough to carry people. Elon Musk is getting ready to bore hyperloop tunnels. When it comes to moving humans around, the future looks to be merging with sci-fi.

But from where I stand, the most exciting form of transportation technology is more than 100 years old—and it’s probably sitting in your garage. It’s the bicycle. The future of transportation has two thin wheels and handlebars.

Modern tech has transformed the humble two-­wheeler, making the bike-share model possible: You check out a bike from a docking station, use it for an hour or so, then return to any other docking station. The concept was tried back in the ’60s but failed miserably because no one could track where the bikes went.

Today, that’s been solved with smartphone-ized tech: GPS, Bluetooth, RFID, and mobile-payment systems. And bike sharing has unlocked a ton of American interest in navigating cities on a bike: Usage has grown from 320,000 rides in 2010 to 28 million in 2016. In China, where gridlock in cities like Beijing is infamous, the trend has grown even faster.

But cooler tricks are possible. We’re now seeing dockless bike sharing, where all the tech is crammed into each bike, eliminating the need for docking stations. When riders are done, they just park and lock the bike and walk away; the bike simply awaits the next user. This makes the systems cheaper (those docks cost a lot), so dockless bikes can be rented for as little as a buck an hour. https://vanddelectricbikes.com/

“It’s personal mobility for the last mile,”