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RVs and electric bikes perfectly complement each other. The electric bike is the perfect vehicle for when you’re out on the open road exploring and camping since you can take the bike with you anywhere. The electric motor allows you to explore further than you would with a regular bike. Plus, you can easily fold […]

March 17, 2018

3 Things To Consider When RV’ing With An Electric Bike

  The following article was written about us Within the hustle and bustle of the downtown city streets are plenty of walkable and ride-able districts. In fact, if you work or live in the Downtown Orlando area you’re well aware that parking in this city is sparse and often considered high-end real estate. If you’re in dire […]

February 21, 2018

Get Moving With V&D Electric Bikes In Downtown Orlando

If you have a RV that you use to go camping, you’re probably wondering what sort of essentials you’ll need to make it the best trip ever! RVs are great additions to have since you can literally go anywhere and have someplace to stay. But unless you have an RV that you tow with your […]

February 18, 2018

Why Electric Bikes Are A Perfect Complement To Your RV

  It’s a dawn of a new era in the transportation industry thanks to the rise of electric cars, scooters and bikes! Electric vehicles are our future since they are environmentally conscious and provide cheaper ways to get around town. More and more commuters are either buying electric vehicles or opting for electric bikes thanks […]

February 16, 2018

Commuting Benefits Of An Electric Bike

What an awesome birthday gift – your very own E-Bike! You never knew this was exactly what you were looking for to make your daily commute more enjoyable, reduce your personal travel expenses and leave a greener footprint – your Go-Bike is a transportation trifecta! As you imagine yourself cruising down the sidewalk, you realize […]

January 4, 2018

Top 8 Electric Bike Tips For Beginners

E-bikes offer all of the same benefits as traditional bicycles with an additional host of offerings that broaden their appeal to a wider base of riders. As the price of electric bikes lowers while the efficiency and quality of the products increases, we are beginning to see the way that common modes of transportation change […]

December 17, 2017

E-Bikes – Why They Make a Great Holiday Gift For Under The Tree

In recent years, the light electric vehicle (LEV) movement has taken off in full swing. Among the most popular LEVs are electric scooters. Aside from recreational use, electric scooters and e-bikes are used as daily commuting vehicles and as tools in the workplace. Given the numerous benefits electric scooters offer, such as avoiding traffic, parking, […]

April 18, 2017

8 Industries that Would Benefit from Electric Bikes

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