How An Electric Bike Works


Electric bikes are the future! With a vast array of benefits, everyone needs to own an electric bike. Not only do electric bikes preserve the environment, reduce air contamination, promotes a healthier lifestyle and saves you money, but they also are really easy to ride. There are quite a vast array of electric bikes to choose from, so if you’re on the fence about getting one, here’s some information on how the work!

Different Types of Electric Bikes

Although there are many types of electric bikes to choose from, there are primarily two different kinds: those with pedals and without. Some electric bikes are just like traditional bikes but have an electric motor added to it. Users can either opt to let the electric motor do all the work for them to get around or they can opt to pedal, too. Other electric bikes don’t have pedals, which means it’s solely reliant on the electric motor to get around. Both types need to be recharged in order for it to function properly when the electric motor is used.

Go-Bike Electric Bike Models

V&D Electric Bikes offers four different electric bike models – M1 through M4. Each one offers the same benefits, but have different features. The M1 features a 500W motor that provides its power, has a 30-mile range with a top speed of 20mph and weights only 45 pounds. The M2 is the same, but offers an advanced suspension system for those who have a more rugged commute. The M3 features a 350W motor, takes 3 to 5 hours to charge and more! The M4 is the top-of-the-line electric bike from V&D Electric Bikes. It folds like no other bike on the market and is built for both city living and off-road fun at the same time. With the M4 model, you can use the full-electric power to maneuver around the city or op for the minimal-effort cycling with its electric pedal assist.

No matter what sort of electric bike or M model you choose from V&D Electric, you’ll be benefiting from a host of features and will love the riding experience!

Desirable Features of Electric Bikes


If you haven’t bought your own electric bike yet then you’re missing out! Electric bikes are all the rage right now. Not only are they as much fun as a regular bike, but the fact that they run on electric power makes them even more fun. They’re the perfect solution for urban commuting in the city or a great weekend toy to take out around the block with your family and friends. So if you haven’t found the right electric bike, here are highly desirable features you’ll want to look for:


A portable electric bike makes it easier to carry around with you. That way you can take it with you into a coffee shop, restaurant or anywhere else you ride it to. Plus, it’s easy to put away at home when not in use. This is especially true if you live in an apartment and the space is limited.

Great Design

Not all electric bikes are created equal. You’ll want to find one with an extraordinary design. Look for one with striking colors and a clean design so that the bike announces you presence wherever you ride. Also consider how comfortable it is to ride since you’ll want to spend hours on it.

Easy to Ride

The biggest factor when buying an electric bike is that it’s safe and easy to ride. You want to be in full control of the bike even though it’s electric and you’re not pedaling. Plus, it needs to be safe so that you and your family aren’t riding dangerously.


You don’t want to be lugging around a heavy electric bike. Look for one that’s lightweight so that it’s easy to ride and carry around with you.


Not many electric bikes can be customized, so bonus points if you can find one that you can customize how you want it. This will allow you to create an electric bike that complements your personal style!

Not sure where to find an electric bike like this? Look no further than V&D Electric Bikes! Our bikes feature all the above desired traits and we offer an assortment of electric bikes to choose from.

V&D Electric Bikes: Your Eco-Friendly Solution To Transportation In Downtown Orlando

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V&D Electric Bikes are our new favorite mode of transportation. Perfect for an eco-friendly jaunt to the store, a downtown commute, or zipping around a college campus, the V&D Electric GO-Bike is safe, easy to use, lightweight, and portable.

We took this great little vehicle from the 407area headquarters and walked it easily down a flight of stairs to downtown Orlando’s Wall Street Plaza for a quick little demo. The ride was smooth and fun, and the bike drew a lot of positive attention. The best part? We didn’t even have to pedal! Think of a hybrid between a bicycle and moped to picture this easy to ride e-bike. We cruised down cobblestone, on sidewalks, and even took the e-bike onto the street. It was a total blast.

An Eco-Friendly And Fun Transportation Solution In Downtown Orlando

Another great feature of V&D Electric Bikes is that they are fully customizable — you get to choose the color and design — and are good for a large age range. This GO-Bike is great for kids or adults and all models can be folded and unfolded. They’re also lightweight and designed to be easily carried up stairs, onto public transportation, and in crowded spaces. The bike can handle wet grass, loose gravel, dirt, sand, and even uneven pavement. You’ll be able to roll almost anywhere!

The batteries can be charged via a standard wall outlet, and once fully charged can average 20mph for up to four hours! The price of the bikes range from up to $1300 and as low as $639 (for the kid’s GO-bike). Another great thing about V&D Electric Bikes? They’re a local company. Headquartered in Apopka, this company ships bikes around the United States. Those lucky enough to live in the Central Florida area have the unique opportunity to test out an e-bike before they make a purchase. Contact V&D Electric Bikes today to schedule your test drive!

Why An Electric Bike Is Perfect For The Weekends!

If you can’t let your car go during the week, you can still get loads of use and benefits from owning an electric bike for your weekend escapades! Some just can’t change things up when they’ve done something so long and driving a car for work and errands is one of those things. So don’t give up your car if you don’t want to and still get an electric bike for your weekend adventures. Your entire family will greatly benefit from owning electric bikes and you’ll love switching things up a bit.

It’s a welcomed change

Being in the car during the week can get boring and repetitive. Change things up by opting to use your electric bike on your weekends or days off. You’ll love how it allows you to explore your city on two wheels instead of four and will allow you to leave a smaller carbon footprint than solely relying your car for your main transportation. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to get behind the wheel after using your electric bike during the weekend.

It’s fun

Riding a bike is always fun, but riding an electric bike is double the fun! You’ll be able to get out and get some fresh air, soak up the sun’s beaming rays and enjoy a ride to your favorite coffee shop or a simple stroll with the family on a gorgeous weekend. Plus, you won’t have to break a sweat since the electric bike will do all the hard work for you. You won’t have to pedal, allowing you to glide through your weekend adventures!

Allows you to explore your neighborhood and city

You can only go to certain places with your car, but you can go everywhere and anywhere with your electric bike! You’ll be able to hit the sidewalk and explore you neighborhood like never before. The electric bike can easily be parked anywhere so you can hop on and off as you find new hidden gems in your area.

An electric bike doesn’t have to be your main transportation and makes a great weekend ride for the whole family!

3 Things To Consider When RV’ing With An Electric Bike

RVs and electric bikes perfectly complement each other. The electric bike is the perfect vehicle for when you’re out on the open road exploring and camping since you can take the bike with you anywhere. The electric motor allows you to explore further than you would with a regular bike. Plus, you can easily fold them down for compact storage!

But before you pack up your electric bike for your next RV trip, there are a few things to consider. This way you’re prepared for your trip and won’t have any unexpected surprises!

1. Rules of the campground
Before you pack your electric bike, you’ll first have to know the rules of the campgrounds you’re headed to. Some private campgrounds have their own rules and regulations that you’ll have to follow. Generally, many campgrounds require you to follow their rules of the road and avoid areas that are only permitted for pedestrians. Also, you might have to bring along a helmet, especially if you’re in a state that has a helmet law. Before you head out, check the rules and regulations of the campground so that you know if you can ride your electric bike or not and where riding is permitted.

2. Where to charge your electric bike
You’ll need to charge your electric bike somewhere, so knowing where you can charge it is important. Obviously, if your campgrounds has power available, you’ll be able to charge it in your RV once you’ve hooked up to the local utilities. But if you’re going somewhere more remote that doesn’t have such utilities, then you’ll have to figure out where to charge up. But don’t worry since these kinds of bikes don’t need a lot of power. You can use a small inverter to juice up your bike!

3. How To Carry Your Electric Bike(s)
Another thing you’ll want to consider is how you’ll carry your electric bike. You can easily carry them on the back of your RV with a hitch-mounted rack or you can place them in the bed of your truck if you’re towing your RV (that is if you’ve got room). If you have an electric bike that folds down, you can easily store it anywhere!

Get Moving With V&D Electric Bikes In Downtown Orlando


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Within the hustle and bustle of the downtown city streets are plenty of walkable and ride-able districts. In fact, if you work or live in the Downtown Orlando area you’re well aware that parking in this city is sparse and often considered high-end real estate. If you’re in dire need of a new compact method for mobility V&D Electric Bikes has a resolution to your transportation situation.

V&D Electric Bikes Provide New Transportation To Downtown Orlando

The locally owned company has a fleet of electric bikes that are customizable to your personal style all while providing safe, easy travel. The pedal-free lightweight e-bikes fold up for easy storage and offer an eco-friendly form of travel for the whole family. V&D Electric Bikes vary in price starting around $639 for a kids e-bike up to $1300 for adult models.

Similar to a regular bicycle the e-bike can go anywhere you want to go. Fully charged you can travel on or off road at an average speed of 20mph for four hours. Zip around town, bike across the University of Central Florida campus or fold up your bike, drive to the coast and take your bike to the beach. E-bikes will soon be flooding the streets and sidewalks of urban cities and college campuses everywhere. Call V&D Electric Bikes today to schedule a test drive. Use coupon code: ECO for $50 off all models.

Why Electric Bikes Are A Perfect Complement To Your RV

If you have a RV that you use to go camping, you’re probably wondering what sort of essentials you’ll need to make it the best trip ever! RVs are great additions to have since you can literally go anywhere and have someplace to stay. But unless you have an RV that you tow with your regular truck or SUV, one of the biggest problems is how to get around once you’re at your campsite. But even then, unhooking the camper is a huge headache. Especially when you’re only going a few miles to head to the store.

Many tow a small vehicle behind the camper, but that just makes it one more thing to worry about. And driving that around can be a bothersome. So instead, simply pack a few electric bikes and you’ve got the perfect vehicle for when you’ve booked a camping trip to your favorite spot!

Sure, you could use regular bikes, but you’ll have to keep in mind the fact that you might be traveling farther than you’d like and you might get too tired cycling there yourself. An electric bike is perfect since it does all the hard work for you! The electric motor will run the bike for you, allowing you to trek father than you would have with a regular bike. And they are really easy to transport in your RV.

You’ll be able to move around camp easily since you won’t have to worry about walking or driving anywhere. Plus, you can go for miles without having to unhook your truck or car. With various ranges, you can even visit the next town if you wanted to! An electric bike makes it so much easier to run errands while camping, allowing you to enjoy the sights while you’re at it!

Plus, an electric bike allows you to see the sights without having to pedal anywhere yourself. You’ll be able to spend more time outdoors since you won’t get tired, allowing you to have a greater connection to wherever you’re visiting! So if you have an RV make sure to bring along the perfect companion vehicle!

Commuting Benefits Of An Electric Bike


It’s a dawn of a new era in the transportation industry thanks to the rise of electric cars, scooters and bikes! Electric vehicles are our future since they are environmentally conscious and provide cheaper ways to get around town. More and more commuters are either buying electric vehicles or opting for electric bikes thanks to their convenience and minimal carbon footprint. So if you haven’t taken advantage of this rising trend yet, here are some commuting benefits of owning an electric bike:

Easy Parking

When driving cars to work or anywhere else in the city, a huge thing you have to worry about is parking. You either have to spend extra time looking for an open spot or have to pay extra money to park somewhere. An electric bike eliminates the need for both, making parking anywhere super easy. You just have to have a heavy-duty lock for your electric bike and then be on your merry way. You’ll save loads of precious time and money skipping the car and opting for an electric bike!

Relaxed Commuting

If you normally take a bike to work or anywhere in the city, you already know that you show up at your destination out of breath and all sweaty. But that’s not the case when you upgrade to an electric bike since you’ll arrive anywhere relaxed and refreshed since the electric motor will do all the hard work for you!

No Traffic

Commuting in the city usually means having to wait in traffic anywhere you go. Skip the traffic and get to anywhere you please on time with an electric bike as your preferred mode of transportation. You’ll be less stressed and happier since you’ll also be soaking up some vitamin D while scooting along on your electric bike.

Less Pollution

You already know that cars equate to more air pollution and are bad for the environment, so do your part and save the planet by skipping your car and opting to take your electric bike instead. The electric motor is environmentally friendly and will reduce your carbon footprint.

When you’re ready to change how you commute, V&D Electric Bikes offers a wide assortment of options perfect for commuting!